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The vertical transmission of epidemic haemorrhagic fever virus (EHFV) in mice has not been confirmed. From 1985 to 1986, We conducted the studies in epidemic fiels for getting a reliable answer to the above problem on the basis of a serial sludies in the laboratory. In our study IFA was adopted to ..., Abstract
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A specific type of inclusionoid body is observed in the virus crystalline within the infection nucleus of a clone of type 4 virus. The inclusionoid body shows hollow-core shaped long tube. Its length may reach 1.5μ and its outer diameter is 70nm, inner diameter 20nm. This morphoiogic structure may ..., Abstract
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Rubia cordifolia is a traditional Chinese drug. In this paper, it was reported that the methanol extract of this drug showed significant antiviral effect against herpes simplex virus 2 in vitro. In Vero cell line, virus inhibiting index reached 3 log. Virus reproduction inhibiting test showed that ..., Abstract
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SRSV was obtained from the supernatant of infected NIH 3T3 mouse fiblasts and purified by sucrose density gradient centrif ugation.SRSV RNA was prepared from fresh viral pellets and extracted with chloroform-phen(?)l and fractionated on sucrose gradients. The RNAs of various fractions were ..., Abstract
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Using the PAGE method, we analysed the electrophoretic types of RNA rotavirus obtained from 170 stool samples with infantile diarrhea from ten cities in Shandao from 1985—1986, In 3 cities subgroup Ⅰ rotavirus was found to be the main etiologic agent, subgroup Ⅱ in other 3 cities and both ..., Abstract
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Recently we have prepared large amount of purified pEH 920 DNA which is inserted by complementary DNA of dengue virus 2 RNA. Using the [a-~(32)p] dCTP labelled pEH 920 DNA as the probe, dengue virus RNA in the supernatants of infected C6/36 mosquito cells have been detected by DNA-RNA dot-spot ..., Abstract
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This study confirmed that suckling young pig is a laboratory animal susceptible to EHFV strains R22 and HB55 isolated from wild rodents and patients with EHF. The study showed that EHFV was able to propagate in many tissues of pigs, Viremia appeared in suckling young pigs on 6—9th days after ..., Abstract
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Isolation and characterization of a H isolate of enterovirus type 71 (E71) from the vesicle fluid of hand-foot-mouth disease have been reported in present study.The H isolate can grow at primary human embryo lung cells, MA104 cells, and BSC cells and results in a typical enterovirus cytopathic ..., Abstract
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In this paper, the recent and followed-up contrast observation was taken on 44 cases with chronic hepatitis B, who had been treated with two different dosages of interferon. There were 23 cases in group Ⅰ and 21 cases in group Ⅱ. The dosage of group Ⅰ was 1×10~6 iu im 3/w x 4 weeks, then ..., Abstract
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The assembly processes of the Leucoma selicis NPV are observed by electron microscopy of sections of infected larval fat body cells. The synthesis and envelopment of the virus nucleocapsid and stages in the formation of the polyhedral inclusion bodies are described. Bundles of fibrous material were ..., Abstract
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There have not been formally reports of Bombyx mori densonucleosis virus infccting insect cell lines. In the present paper three insect overy cells of B.suppressaria, S. frugiperda and M.brassicae infected with Bombyx mori densonucleosis virus.The result is that cytopathic effect was only observed ..., Abstract
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Four clones (Bs-484 B,E, F, G) were successfully isolated from the established cell line of Bs-484 by the method of finite dilution. The growth characteristics of the clonal strains were different from the parent line. The cloned cell strains were different in their predominant morphology, cell ..., Abstract
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A virus isolate (w) has been obtained from the Oker river in W.Germany. The isolate was identified as Carnation ringspot virus (CarRSV) by means of inoculation on the test plant, electron microscopy, dot blot hybridization and serology.The molecular weight of the coat protein is 3.8×10~4. Northern ..., Abstract
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ToMV concentrations in virus inoculated tomato plants were analyzed by local lesion test. The results showed that virus concentrations in resistan-t line GCR-267 was 1/40—1/50 that in susceptible line GCR-26. ToMV multiplication was strongly inhibited by gene Tm-2~a, which was not influenced by ..., Abstract
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A 20 nucleotides DNA fragment which is complementary with the assembly origin of TMV-RNA was synthesized. Instead of antisense RNA, the DNA fragment could hybridize with TMV-RNA in nitrocellulose dot hybridization and in mini-volume solution hybridization assays. Using RNA-cDNA complex and 20S ..., Abstract
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20 diarrheal samples from piglets of a pig farm were examined with PAGE, and 11 of them manifested the pararotavirus (group C) RNA electrophoretic profile. An acute watery diarrhea occurred after inoculating newborn colostrumdeprived piglets.Rotavirus (group A) ELISA and pararotavirus (group B) ..., Abstract
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Five strains of influenza and one strain of newcastle disease virus were analysed by pyrolysis gas chromatography (PGC). The different patterns between the normal and the infected allantois fluid samples which included influenza viruses type A, B and newcastle disease virus were clearly shown in ..., Abstract
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