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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Indirect immunofluorescense and Western-blot methods with seven home-made McAbs against RSV were used to distinguish RSV strains isolated in Wuhan from 1 988 to 1 992.These strains were distinguished as type A and B,further as subgruup B_1 and B_2.The RSV epidemic patterns in Wuhan were different ..., Abstract
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is paper reports that the HRV detection results from different ethnic minorities in In-ner Mongolia,China,146 meconium and 1 16 acute diarrhea samples were cullected from hos-Ditalized newborns and infants during winter diarrhea period in 1 993 and were examined byPAGE and McAb VP_6 ELISA.The ..., Abstract
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Immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization were performed on the autopsy tissues of 39 fetal cases of patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome to search for viral in-clusion body(IB)and study its antigenic and nucleic acid characters.The tissues with IB were further observed by ..., Abstract
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In the spring of 1989,two influenza B viruses were isolated in Baoding, Hebei.The re-sults of antigenic,HA_1 gene nucleotide sequence and phylogenetic analysis of the two isolatesin comparison with other reported strains of influenza B viruses revealed that the antigenity of influenza B viruses had ..., Abstract
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Cells of human monocyte-line U_(937)and human T-lymphocyte-line HSB_2 inoculated withHSV-1 were studied by observing the dynamics of virus titer,cellular proliferation and cy-topathogenic effect,expression of virus antigen and existing time of virus DNA. The resultsshowed that after ..., Abstract
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In this study,we established myocarditis model by using coxsackie type B3 inoculation.Results of the study revealed the following:5 days after inoculation,the percentage of Thylcells in the spleen of infected mice was increased,ttien it was decreased significantly on day7,15 and 2 1,L 3T4 ̄+subsets ..., Abstract
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he techniques of pathology.immunohistochemistry and ultrastructural pathology were empluyed to study the pathological changes,specific virus antigens and immune complexes in the biopsy skin tissues of 33 cases of patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever.The specific antigens,antibodies and ..., Abstract
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PV contains two late open reading frames. T he L_2 protein encoded by L_2 ORF possesestype-specific antigenicity. To map the immunoreactive epitope of HPV 6b L_2,a L_2 expressionplasmid p6bL_2 NX was used.Plasmid p6b L_2 NXK was made by adding K pnI linker intopolylinker of p6bL_2 NXK. ..., Abstract
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The causes of HCV infection among 97 malarla cases were studied in Hebei province.The results indicated that positive rates of anti-HCV were 71.13%for malaria cases.89.71%for those with history of plasmapheresis.64.29% for those with history of bloodtransfusion;no anti-HCV positlve was found for ..., Abstract
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Two peptides of human immunodeficiency virus(HIV)type 1 and type 2 were synthe-sized by solid-phase method. An indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA)em-ploying these peptides as an antigen adsorbent was developed to detect the infections of HIV-1 and HIV-2.A comparison of our reagent ..., Abstract
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It is the first time in china that the study of an insect virus gains commercial successes.This is owlng to the development of a new formulation──emulsifiable suspension, the im-provement of tectinology and facilities,which resulted in raising production efficiency and re-ducing cost. In this ..., Abstract
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Identification , cDNA cloning and sequencing of a virus causing tobacco veinal necrosis were carried out during 1 990一1993. The obvious symptom of the infected tobacco was veinal necrosis. Aphid(Myzus persicae)was demonstrated as transmitting vector. The virus only in-fected 8 species of tobacco ..., Abstract
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The present study established the direct antigen coating form for indirect ELISA (DAC-FLISA)for the detection of cucumber mosaic virus(CMV)in banana tissue culture. With aproper phosphate buffer solution,i.e.0. 1mol/L phosphate buffer(pH7.2,including 1%sodium diethyldithiocarbaniate) for preparing ..., Abstract
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The RHDV virion comprised six sturctural polypeptides as analysed by sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, including A(molecular weight 60.12 kD),B(58. 27kD),C(54.74kD),D(53. 01kD),E(51. 10kD) and G(25. 90kD).The major polypep-tide A(including polypeptide B constituted about ..., Abstract
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HDV could be moved to the negative electrode by electrophoresis in the condition ofpH8.6 ,and this was confirmed by immunoelectron microscopy observation. The RHDV im-munocomplex was purified by counter immunoelectrophoresis(CIE)form liver tissue of rab-bits died of RHD and used for the analysis of ..., Abstract
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In 1977 and 1978.Agrotis segetum granulosis virus(AsGV)and Agrotis exclamationisgranulosls virus(AeGV)were isolated from their host respectively in Xinjiang province.Both of them can also infect the other isolated host. with agarose double-diffusion,counter immunoelectrophoresis,Dot-ELISA and line ..., Abstract
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Two helper components(HC)were purified with PEG precipitation and DEAE-cellulosechromatography from plants infected by tobacco etch virus(TEV)and watermelon mosaicvirus 2(WMMV-2).Bioassay results revealed that the Myzus persicae and Aphis gossypii cantransmit TEV after acquiring first TEV plus ..., Abstract
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