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丙型肝炎病毒(hepatitisCvirus,HCV)是单股正链RNA病毒,有单一阅读框架,编码约3010个氨基酸的病毒前体蛋白。HCV基因组结构和病毒蛋白的亲疏水性与黄病毒相似,因此将其归于黄病毒科丙型肝炎病毒群。, Abstract
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Common primers were designed, based on M segmental sequences of two HFRSV serotypes—HTNV and SEOV, and RT PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) method was applied in detecting 39 strains of isolated hosts from different areas. Thirty six of the 39 samples were tested by cELISA ..., Abstract
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A lymphoblastoid cell line (KMT 3) was established by EBV induced B cell transformation in the cotton top tamarin. The viruses were prepared from the culture fluid of B 95 8 cells by passing through a 0.45μm filter. KMT 3 can produce high titer infections EB viruses. Its VCA positive cell rate was ..., Abstract
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Twenty three serum samples from blood donor, hemodialysis and hepatitis patients were collected. Using reverse transcription nested polymerase chain reaction method (RT nested PCR),the cDNA fragments of the putative envelope protein 2 (E 2/NS 1) of HCV RNA were amplified and then sequenced. ..., Abstract
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In order to study the distribution and position of HFRSV in chigger mite, in situ hybridization was used for detection of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus (HFRSV) RNA.The results showed that positive rate of HFRSV by in situ hybridization was higher than that by IFAT. Positive signals ..., Abstract
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Enduracidin was studied for its ability to inhibit Hepatitis B Virus DNA, HBsAg and HBeAg secreted by a HBV transfected cell line (HepG The result showed that IC 50 (the drug concentration that inhibits HBsAg or HBeAg secretion by 50%)was 27μg/mL and 34μg/mL respectively, theraputic ..., Abstract
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Isolates from two patients of hepatitis C in the same region were classified as genotype Ⅱ by PCR method. NS5 gene fragments of HCV were cloned, and inserted into pUC19 and M13mp18, respectively.Sequence analysis showed that the homologies of the two isolates (NS5X and NS5V) in nucleotide and ..., Abstract
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With the flock house virus (FHV) capsid protein as a vector (FHV RNA 2),the epitopes corresponding to the cleavage regions of rotavirus SA11 Vp4 primed broadly cross reactive neutralizing antibodies in guinea pigs. The epitopes of SA11 Vp4:REA(223~242aa),REB(243~262aa),REC(234~251aa),and their ..., Abstract
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Solid phase enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kit was developed for detecting anti HEV IgG by using synthetic peptide from the open reading frame (ORF)3 and recombinant antigens from ORE2.When the kit was applied to detect HEV antibodies in sera of clinical patients the results were quite consistent with ..., Abstract
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A HBeAg gene fragment, which has some restriction endonucleased sites on both 5′ ends, including pre c signal peptide sequence and 5′ 447 bp of the HBcAg gene was amplified by PCR. The HBeAg gene fragment was cloned into the BmNPV transfer vector pBm030 and the chimeric vector pBmHBe was ..., Abstract
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The location of DNA polymerase gene in the HaSNPV was determined within a 6.6kb HindⅢ J fragment,using a probe prepared from the previously identified DNA polymerase from the Helicoverpa zea single nuclear polyhedrosis virus(HzSNPV).The entire coding region of HaSNPV DNA pol was in a HindⅢ SalI ..., Abstract
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Seven distinct genotypes were isolated from wild type Helicoverpa armigera single nucleocapsid NPV (HaSNPV W)by low mortality dose infection of 3rd instar H.armigera and progency viral DNAs extracted from individual cadaver were analysed by endonucleases.Each of the 7 genotypes had different EcoRI ..., Abstract
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There are two filamentous wheat mosaic viruses transimitted by the plasmodiophoraceous fungus Polymyxa graminis :one is wheat spindle streak mosaic virus (WSSMV)first reported in Canada and the other is wheat yellow mosaic virus (WYMV) first reported in Japan .These viruses are very similar in ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Seventy two clinical specimens of saliva,throat swabs and urine collected from clinical mumps cases were examined by the nested RT PCR, 69 (86.1%) of them were positive. The results showed that the positive rate of the urine specimens (25%) was significant different (P<0.005) from that of the ..., Abstract
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