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To investigate the relationship between EBV infection and genesis of gastric cancer,PCR, PCR-SSCP assay and direct in situ PCR technique were performed on samples of gastricmucoma damages; EBV infection rate was 30. 1 % in 166 samples; EBV was scattered in tissuesand roughly in nucleuses. p53 gene ..., Abstract
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E1A gene of adenovirus is an apoptosis-inducing gene and E1B gene of adenovirus is anapoptosis-inhibiting gene. The former one was cloned into adenovirus transfer vector pCA13 under the control of HCMV IE1 promoter, which resulted into transfer vector pCAE1A. PlasmidpCAE1A and pBHG11, which ..., Abstract
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Retroviral vector expressing antisense RNA complementary to HBV preS/S (antisenseS) was used to transduce human hepatoblastoma cell 2. 2. 15, which was trans fected with HBVDNA and can express HBV markers. The results showed that the inhibitory effects of antisensegene transfer mediated by ..., Abstract
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Two groups of primers were designed according to the gene backgrounds of prototype
virus of HTN and SEO serotypes and corrected by co mputer.One group of primers was used to
elone entire S gencane segment and partial S genome segment with respect to N.terrmnal,n 1
two cloned ..., Abstract
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For studing the structure and characteristic of nucleoprotein (NP) of Seoul virus R22strain, which is the seed virus of HFRS candidate vaccine, the NP gene coding region of the R22S segment was amplificated by RT-PCR and then cloned it into pET-3a expression plasmid. Se-quence assay showed that the ..., Abstract
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The production of tumor necrosis factor alpha(TNF-a)induced by human herpesvims
7(HHV一7)G1asgow strain and Nanjing loca1 strain YY5 and HHV一6 GS strain in umbilica1 cord
and pheripheraI blood mononuclear cells cultures was studied by means of biologicaI activity assay.
It ..., Abstract
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In order to investigate the genomic organization of the single-nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (SNPV) of Buzura suppressaria (BusuNPV), the BamHI-H fragment located at mapunits (mu)81. 6-83. 6 of the viral genome was sequenced. The fragment contained two partialand one complete open reading ..., Abstract
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An isolate of rice stripe virus (designated as RSVYL) was purified. The particlesshowed to be pleomorphisms under electron microscope, mainly branched filamnts of about 80-250 nm in length and abeut 8 nm in width. There are also some open circular filaments of 3nm and 8 nm in width, and some ..., Abstract
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The infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV), derived from diseasedSiniperca chuatsi, was identified that (1 ) the virus caused ISKNV disease when challenginghealthy Siniperca chuatsi by four ways: intramuscular inoculation, intraperitoneal inoculation,wounded and bath exposure and oral ..., Abstract
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With white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) isolated from disease shrimp Penaeus chinensis, some of freashwater prawn and crabs: crayfish Cambarus clarkii, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, Macrobrachium nipponensis,Eriochier sinensis, Sinopotamon yangtsekiense were selected to be artificially infected. The ..., Abstract
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By the polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) and thin-layer scanning, the esterases (EST) of the third instar larvae of the Helicoverpa armigera were investigated in qualityand quantity after infection with nuclear polyhedrosis viruses (NPV). The changes in sort andcontent of hemolymph EST were ..., Abstract
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The serological relationships of several kinds of peanut viruses were analyzed by usingtechniques of agar diffusion test and ELISA. The results show that, among four main kinds ofviruses that infect peanut (PSV, PStV, TS and CMV), PSV, TS and PStV have strong infectingabilities, but CMV has poor ..., Abstract
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