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人和动物病毒污染水体的研究已有多年 ,并取得了可喜的成果 ,其研究已从单纯的环境监测和卫生评价向机制和规律等纵深方向发展。分子生物学方法已深入到水病毒学领域 ,利用基因探针和扩增技术检测水体病毒已成为重要的研究方法 。然而针对水体植物病毒污染及其环境效应..., Abstract
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Thirteen indeterminate HBsAg samples were tested with 21 sorts of HBsAg kits, anti HBs and anti HBc kits. HBV DNA was detected with nested PCR. The results showed that all of HBsAg kits can not easily detected HBsAg from some HBV DNA positive samples. It indicated that HBsAg concentration may be ..., Abstract
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Hantavirus Gou 3 strain has been reported by plaque reduce neutralization test (PRNT) being a neutralizing antigen broad strain. In this investigation the Gou 3 strain was purified by double picked up plaques and identified the types using PCR method. The results indicated that the Gou 3 strain ..., Abstract
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Two recombinant plasmids were constructed. These include the coding regions for the core protein (pC) and for the core, E 1 and E 2 together (pCE 1E 2). These plasmids were transfected into mammalian cells to test their protein expression and injected into the quadriceps muscles ..., Abstract

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The glycoprotein gene of human rabies vaccine strain (aG), one attenuated fixed strain (CTN 181) and two street viruses were sequenced and the amino acid sequences were deduced. The result shows that two street strains have two differences in nucleotide sequences and one in amino acid sequences ..., Abstract
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Monoclonal antibody of F 3 hybridoma cell strain against RSV specific antigen was prepared by hybridoma and tested by indirect immunofluorescence and ELISA. It has neutralizing and fusion inhibiting activity. The neutralizing titres and fusion inhibiting titres of ascites of mice are 1∶128 and ..., Abstract
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Partial nucleotide sequences (location 4522-4761) from ORF1 of sporadic strains (G93 1,G93 2,G93 3 and G93 4) of acute HEV in Guangzhou were detected, the positive PCR products were purified, cloned and sequenced. In the result, the nucleotide sequences of G93 1, G93 3 and G93 4 strain are all the ..., Abstract
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The p74 gene of SpltNPV was located at EcoRI 4.4 kb,XhoI 4.9 kb and BamHI 3.0 kb fragments by Southern blotting with AcMNPV derived probe. After cloning of the three fragments, restriction enzyme analysis was used to construct their restriction map. A region of 2?545 bp including p74 gene of ..., Abstract
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The nuclear capsid protein gene (vp39) of Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus (Chinese isolate, BmNPV Ch) was amplified by PCR and inserted into pGEM 3zf(+). The amplified vp39 gene (1 230 bp) was sequenced with silver staining dideoxy chain termination. The coding region is 1 053 bp, and code ..., Abstract
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The DNA polymerase gene of Buzura suppressaria nucleopolyhedrovirus (BusuNPV) was amplified by PCR using virus DNA template. The amplified fragment was cloned into E.coli via plasmid pGEM T. The fragment of insert was analyzed on an automated DNA sequencer. Its sequence showed that the insert has 2 ..., Abstract
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The ultrastructural alterations caused by the infection of two cucumber mosaic virus isolates were investigated. Spherical virus particles of CMV M 22, an isolate originally from Salvia splendens , scattered throughout the cytoplasm and aggregated into crystals in the vacuoles of tobacco cells. The ..., Abstract
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