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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Research Article
It was demonstrated that there vcas significantly antigenic drift in the influenza virus strains
from Guangdong in 1996 I r was the mokcular basis of the variation oll A、B、C、D and E domain en—
coded by HA gene,especially on A、C and E domain while the change of receptor binding domain ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The present is aimed at identifying the activation of TRAFs in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
(NPC)ill"oitro The differentia1 expression of TRAF2、TRAF3 was not detected in RNA and protein
1evel,whereas the expression of TRAF1 in HNE2一LM P1 eel1 1ines was much more abundant than that
in ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Sueking mice.2~3 day after birth,were intraperitoneally inoculated with 0 O5mL F1M lIl
0f Chen Strain Hantaan virus At different time point after inoculation,the brains were taken,rou—
tinely fixed and embedded in paraffin for preparing 5 um serial sections Traditional and confocal ..., Abstract
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Research Article
0ne of the strain of bivalent HFRS vaccine.Z37 strain was isolated from Rattus norvegicus
and identified aS SEO virus by serological test The M segment cDNA of Hantavirus Z37 strain WaS
obtained by reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction,subsequently cloned into pGEM—T ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Field avian infectious bronchitis virus(IBV)designated as JS/95/o3。which was isolated
from Jiangsu province of china,was cultivated in chicken embryo.It’S single strain RNA was extract—
ed from purified virus and worked as template of reverse transcription polymexase chain reaction f ..., Abstract
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Research Article
ORF3 and partial ORF1 regions were amplified with RT-PCR from ta~vo patients(T1 and
TII)infected with new genotype of hepatitis E Virus.The PCR products were cloned and sequenced
The results showed that G-C rich region in ORF3 was deleted when amplified with norrflal PCR reac—
tion ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To understand the molecular epidemiologica[characteristic of HIV-1 virus strain in laborers
worked abroad in Shandong province since 2992,11 specimens of peripheral blood of identified HIV
infected eases were sampled and PBM C was separated by Ficoll density gradient centrifuge. The pre— ..., Abstract
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Research Article
HCV RNA positive serum was first selected by RT PCR test kit from several anti HCV positive sera obtained from Xi’an.HCV RNA extracted from the elected sera was converted to cDNA by reverse transcription with random primer.Half nested PCR was performed.The amplified product was 852 bp.The purified ..., Abstract
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Research Article
ScMV.CA,an isolate of the doraJnant A strain in China continent was propagated on sweet
maize and purified.Cloned cDNAs representing more than 0.8kb of the 3’termini were obtained after
a reverse transcription and ligation to pUC19 in Sma1 site using an ollgo(dT)primer One clone
na ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The viral RNA was extracted from purified cymbidium mosaic virus(CyMV)isolated from
Oendrobium orchid cultivated in Hainan island.The gene of the movement protein(MP)was amplifled
by mealls of reverse transcription—polymerase chain reaction(RT.PCR),and cloned into pGEM T
easy ..., Abstract
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Research Article
One—step RT—PCR was used to detect papaya ringspot virus(PRSV)movement in susceptible
and resistant(mutant)papaya(Carla papaya L )plants.The time of post—inoculation at which
PRSV Wc-lS first detected in susceptible plants was 48 hours in the other area of inoculated leaves OUt Of ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:One day-old unvaccinated chicks were inoculated with serotype I virulent strain GA and vac—
cine strain CVI988.semtype III vaccine strain HVT of Marek’s disease viruses(MDV).By using an
indirect immunofluorescence assay of suspensions of peripheral blood mononuclear ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:In order tO establish the optimum condition for purification of the nucleopmtein(NP)of rabies virus
by immuno0finity chromatography,the efficient and non-danatulative eluants(Mg-d)Ⅵ忸s obtained by using
ELISA elution model;furthermore.it didn’t damage the activity of NP.Two ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The envelope gene of ADOL-4817 strain of avian leukosis v[ros subgroup J(ALV—J)was
amplified by polymerase chain reaction(PCR)and cloned into TA vector.The sequence analysis re—
suits showed that tbe envelope gene is composed of 1 746 bp.1 554 bp of which could be translated in—
to ..., Abstract
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Research Article
In July 1997, a strain (GB30) of virus was isolated from 60 samples of brain tissues of Murina aurata (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) collected in Gengma county, Yunnan province, China. Isolation of virus was negative from 4 samples of brain tissues of Rousettus leschenaulti (Chiroptera: ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Based on avian 1eukosis virus(ALV)p19 gene termina1 nucleotide sequence,a 82 bp dou—
ble.stranded DNA fragment was chemically synthesized and cloned into the expression eect~r pGE—
M EX.1 The sequencing result indicated that the cloned fragmentⅥw a correct version of the one ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Homology of three WSSV isolates.which were sampled from representative maritime space
of China:Tanghai isolate(13o Bay of China),Ningbo isolate(East China Sea).Shenzhen isolate
(South China Sea)was compared.Both of the genome RFLP patterns and the characteristic structural
proteins ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
In order to search a effective therapy for viral myocardifis,antivial activity of Rheum offici—
hale on Coxsackieivirus B3(CVB3)was evaluated in BALB/C mice.After being determined optium
scheme with orthogonal design,mice infected with CVB3 were treated with Rheum officinale.rib— ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
To study the expression of HCV non.structure 5 antigen in vitro,a human HepG2 cell Iine
was incubated with a HCV RNA positive serum.The SABC immunologieaI techniques and gold.1abeled
colloid electron microscopy method were employed tO examine for the viral proteins in those calls.The ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
A fragment sized 40Obp ofWhite spot syndrome virus(WSSV,formerly designatedNOSV),
recovered from recombinant plasmid pAFD.was labeled with Digoxigenin as a probe to detect dynamic
distribution of WSSV within 120h and 72h in crawfishes(Cambarus procla ii)inoculated WSSV by
oral taking ..., Abstract
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