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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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The biological characters of Sindbis virus strain of Yunnan(YN87448 strain)were studied
by the test of the filtration, acid—resistant, ether—resistant, CPE, susceptibility of animal, HA,
plague,determination of virus titres,and the cross—HI,cross-lFAT and PRNT as welI The ..., Abstract
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Research Article
BALB/c mice were immunized with a recombinant plasmid containing HCV—C gene(pcD
NAHCV—C)alone or together with a constructs encoding IL一2 or IL12(pIL一2 or pIL一12).Anti—
HCV—C specific antib0dy in the zer8 was measured with ELISA Spleen cells from experimental and
control mice ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Using HBsAg antigen purified from }ⅢsAg positive$ar~Ii1 as the coating antigen,the sin—
gle—chain variable fragment(ScFv)antibodv to HBsAg has been screened and idemifed from a semi
synthetic phage library by phage display technique The SfiI/NotI scFv DNA fragment was ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Different—length fragments of the HIV trans-membrane antigen (gp120)gene were ex
pressed in Escherichia coti,using T7 expression system .SDS-PAGE stained by Coomassic Brilliant
Blue showed no expression of full—length gpl20 and poor expresion 0f half—length gpl20 fragments
from the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
880 bp cD A localized to the putative NS5 region of HGV genome was expressed in E.
colf BL2I(DE3) The eDNA fragment was inserted into a plasmid pGEX-5X一1,at the downstream of
the DNA sequence encoding Schistosoma japonicum glutathioue S_transferase(GST),in the S~TIe
reading frame ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Accurate determination of HIV一1 pmviral burden and viralload is very useful in prognosis of
HIV一1 infected patients and in assessment of drug for therapy of AIDS patients.In order to establish a
quantitative method in detecting HIV一1 proviral burden and viralload.8E5 cell line and a ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Aerosol transmission of Hanlavirus was studled by animal experiments in laboratory and air
sampling in the field A agrarlus were subcutaneously inoculated hantavirus,breed in the chamber
of the upwind and saved as the sources of virus aerosol Sucking mice,weanling mice and A .agrarius ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Objective To compare the Iramunoreactivity of various HEV Antigen with An ti—HEV
IgM Methods Solid-phase erazyrne immunoassay(EIA )vcas developed for detecting anti HEV IgM
by using synthetic peptides E30,E42,E33,and recombinant antigen from HEV ORF一2 Results Of
60 anti-HEV ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two plasmid constructs,pcE2 and peE3,containing 3’fragment of open reading frame 2
(ORF2,1163 bp)of hepatitis E virus(HEV)and full—length ORF3(369 bp).were injected into bi—
lateral tibiaLs of Swiss mice respectively.for three times(0,2 and 4 weeks)and observed the HEv
IgG by ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To Investigate the morphology and morphogenesis of the isolated varicella—zoster virus
(VZV)in rabbit brain nerve cell(RNC),ultrathin section electron microscopy was used for study A
small number of nucleocapsids were observed in the nuclei of tLNC at 6 h post infection.A 1arge hum— ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To determine the complete nuelcotide sequence of the S genome segment of HTN261 virus
strain which was isolated from the striped field mouse(Apodemus agraius)in Heilongjiang province of
the Northeast China.the complete nucleotide sequence of the S genome segment of HTN261 virus
strain ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The reproduction of Helicoverpa armigera nueleopolyhedmvirus in the midgut epithelia cells
and the other sensitive tissues-vvas observed by electron microscopy.The reproducing viruses in the
midgut epithelia cells were mostly without envelopes,and thte polyhedrons were seldom formed .The ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Argyrogramma agnata has been selected as a substitutive host insect for producing Den
drolimus punctatus Cytoplasmic Polyhedmsis Virus(DpCPV),In our experiment.it is very suscepti—
ble to DpCPV.The DpCPV produced in A.agnata is designated Aa-DpCPV The cytoplasmic poly—
hedra ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Recently maize dwarf mosaic disease WaS occurred on maize crop seriously in large scale in
Hangzhou district.Purified preparations from the infected maize leaves~ontained numerous filamen—
t0us virus particles of e 750 nm in leng th.Cells of infected plants contained typical pinwheels ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Apoptosis of PK—t5 ceils induced by Foot—and-Mouth Disease Virus(FMDV)in vitro was
reported in this paper.Typical cell apoptosis was detected hy ti.se of Hoechst 33258 fluorescence probe.
agarose gel electrophoresis and in situ end-labeling(TUNEL).After PK一15 cells were infected by ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two pairs of primers were used for amplifying SFV gene with nested—PCR in Rhesus Mon—
key blood The neady 500 bp PCR products were cloned into vector pUC-19.The fragment was de
tected as 465 bp SFV pol gene by sequence analysis.The homology of the fragment to 425 bp pol gene
of the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The 1 23 kb DNA fragment encoding the early protein EP0 of pseudombie8 virus(PRV)Ea strain
was amplified by PCR technique and doned inm pBluescriptlI sk+.Thiee sequencing plasmids containing the
partial fragment of the EPO gene were constructed and the sequences were obtained by ganger’S ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
To understand the incidence of hepatitis C and hepatitis G cointection,and positive rate of
HCV RNA or HGV—RNA in plasida and PBMC.HCV—RNA and HGV—RNA in phsma and in periph—
eral blood mononuclear ceILs(PBMC)of the 40 patients were amplified with R r-PCR.There were 6
an d 8 ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Full-length NS5A gene of the hepatitis C virus was amplified by PCR using plasmid pBAC25
containing HCV nonstructural gene as template.The am plified fragment(about 1.34 kb)was cloned
into plaS d pQE32.and the recombinant plasmid pQENSSA was expressed in JM109 strain The
NS5A protein ..., Abstract
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