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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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The widespread synergism of plant virus is olle of main factors leading to crop loss.The discover of
synergism in virus—resistant transgenic plants severely constrains the of transgenic plants.The types,characters,
interactions of virus and virus,x4rus and environment,and molecular ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Epidemiologic feature of Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome(HFRS)is endemic outbrak by SEO type nowadays.This article is to study SEO viral genes and the cause of endemic outbreak of HFRS.Virus isolation,McAbs typing and TR-PCR were used to determine a SEO strain isolated from Hebei province in ..., Abstract
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Research Article
TTV DNA were detected by polymerase chain reaction-microplate bybridization.The results showed that the positive rate of TTV DNA in 81 normal samples,92 blood donation samples,123 A to G hepatitis,32non-A to G hepatitis samples and 48 proimitive hepatic-carcinoma samples was 3.7%?4.3%?21.1%? 28.1% ..., Abstract
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Research Article
HAV strains W and X were isolated and adapted to Rhesus monkey embryo kidney(MEK) cells from feces of hepatitis A patients,and identified to be HAV with blocking experiment,neutralizing experiment,indirect immunofluorescence (IF),immune electron microscopy(IEM) and RT-PCR.Antigenic titers of ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To explore the genetic variation of nonstmetural(NS)2 region and its gene structural characteristics
in hepatitis C vims quasispecies,NS2 genes ofHCV from a HCV as)~nptomatie~[Tier and apatien twith ab.
nomud ALT level t&teile amphfied by RT-nested-PCR respectively and cloned ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To construct expressive vector for human ScFv against E2 protein of hepatitis C virus (HCV-E2-ScFv),and express soluble HCV-E2-ScFv in E.coli JM109,using phage display technique,the recombinant phages were panned by recombinant E2 antigen which was coated in a microtiter plate,after five rounds of ..., Abstract
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Research Article
PreS gene fragments were inserted into pBluescript SK after being amplified by PCR from HBV DNA,which was extracted from HBsAg-positive sera(Hangzhou and Lanzhou samples)and the cloned genes were sequenced.The complate nucleotide sequences of the cloned preS genes(preS-HZ and preS-LZ,GenBank ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A putative ν-cathespin(cath)gene was identified from the single(S) nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus of Helicoverpa armigera(HaSNPY).This open reading frame is 1098 nucleotides long,encoding a putative protein of 366 amino acids.The amino acids sequence alignment of eleven baculoviral v-CATHs ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The complete nucleotide sequence of Spodoptera litura nueleopolyhedrovims(SpltNPV)DNA Xba I
4.0 kb has been determined.It contains a zinc finger protein gene and three repetitive sequence regions·The
open madil1g frame of this zinc finger gene is 2 196 bp long,enc0d_mg a putative protein ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The Hind Ⅲ-H?J fragments of Helicoverpa armigera single nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (HaSNPV) qenome were cloned. By sequencing the terminus of the cloned fragments, an ORF encoding the HaSNPV p40 was identified. The coding region was 966 bp long and potential to encode a 36.6kD pepetide. The ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two isolates of plant reoviruses causing severe stunting and dark leaf symptoms on wheat and maize from Hebei province and on rice from Zhejiang province have been characterized.The virus particles of both isolates were about 60~80nm in diameter and closely related serologically.Their dsRNA ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The nucleotide sequence of RNA3 of a cucumber mosaic virus strain from banana of subgroup Ⅱ(CMV-Xb) was cloned and analyzed at nucleotide and protein level after RT-PCR amplificaion with two pairs of primers.The results showed that CMV-Xb is composed of 2205 nucleotides(nt) with two open reading ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A part of the cloned fragment was excised from the recombinant with Bgl II and Sal I and subcloned into the expression vector pET-21d (+) to yield another recombinant named pET-21d-RAV-1 env (Bgl II/Sal I). The recombinant was sequenced and the result showed that the inserted fragment was identical ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Suckling mice were inoculated with L6565 blLV for researehlng the pathogeny of L6565 moL!se
Leukemia Afterinoeulatica~,叽emol3y,eⅧ sacrificed r3r week.Theperipheral blood,thymus,[ymp畸node,
spleen and liver weTe removed from l’lflOIl~.|I11e tissues were used to observe tIl0 ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two pairs of oligonucleotides flanking 33aymidine Kinase(TK)seonent of infectious laryngotracheifs
virus(Ⅲ )were chosen as primers for polymerase chaln reaction(nested PCRj. e method of nested PCR
W~LS.used to detect of virus DNA in ILTV infected diferent chorlollantoic ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The effect of oligodeoxynuclcotldes(ODN)OI1 replication of CSFV(Shimen strain)WSIS investigated in
this papor.Ph~phorthimte 01igedeox.vnuel·eoddes(PS-ODN)targeted to the~gion of the 3’,5._nonceding
re,on(NCR)as well SIS PS-ODNtargetedto NS3 gone region㈨maIke叭inhibitedthereplication ..., Abstract
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Research Article
TheⅡ lsg c plasⅡl|d of haⅡⅡI1e r}Iead ribozymes Rzl and Rz2 targetirg one of the Prat,m bac·
ulovims genes has been eoustmctae.The transgenic plasmld eontains double series o0pjes of Rzl and Rz2 as
Rzl·Rz2·Rzl·Rz2.The Green Fluorescent Protein(GFP)gene was selected a8 the report gene ..., Abstract
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Research Article
DNA fragments of Core(300bp)and NS4(400bp),encoding the nucleocapsid region(Core)protein CS and nonstructural region(NS4)protein NS4a of HCV,have been obtained from HCV genome by PCR,both of the two fragments were liked with C33c(700bp)and formed a chineric gene C33c-Core-NS4(HCV-CCN).The chimeric ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The gene library of Parocneria oriema nuclear polyhedlovims(PaorNPV)was panly constructed by
doing$oiriefragnen~ ofBamH I and EcoR I ofP~rNPV genomic DNA into pGEM3Z(f)as a vector.Using
the chifinase gene of Hear SNPV probed wlth[a-32p]dCTP,the chifinase gene ofPaorNPV localized OI3_the ..., Abstract
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