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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Abstract:Recently 8ome reports have shown that some viruses could induce apoptosis of infected cells
in uitro to limit their spread.To clarify the effect of HSV-2 strain 333 on induction of apoptosis and its
morphological characters in vaginal epithelia the mice were infected with the ..., Abstract
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Abstrach In order to acquire the CXCR4 gene and develop the method to diagnose and treat AIDS pa—
tient,the cDNA of CXCR4 was doned by RT-nPCR from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of a Chi—
nese.An expected target fragment was identified by restriction enzyme digestion and DNA ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:HCV E2 DNA fragment encoding E2 pmtein(amino acid 417—750)was cloned into the eu—
caryotic expressing plasmid pCDNA3 to get the recombinant plasmid pcE2.The pcD2 DNA was used as
gene vaccine to immunize rabbi~ and mice respectively.The specific antibody against HCV E2 was ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The HBV genetic heterogeneity in the patients with chroni c HBV infection was reported in this article. A set of spectific primers was syn thesized according to HBV DNA sequence of Chinese strain, the whole X region was amplified by PCR method from the serum of 9 patients with chronic HBV infection ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:According tO Genebank sofeware of HV.the type-specific primers were desisgned cori-~s—
pording tO the conserved sequences in the GI region of M genomic segment of HV.A reverse—transcrip—
tion heminested polymerase chain reaction for HV was developed.Then.RT-heminested PCR ..., Abstract
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Research Article
It is a new approach to study and produce HCV vaccine by using multi-epitope antigen of HCV. In this study, multi-epitope antigen gene, PCX, which consists of 5 epitopes of HCV and an epitope of T cell stimulation o f tetanus toxoid, was expressed in E.coli. And rhesus monkeys were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:A survey of CMV seroepidemiology of child—bearing age women and new-born babies and his
(her)mother was carried out with EI ISA and PCR technique.The CMV-IgG and IgM antibody posi—
tire ratios of 1246 an~yzed women were 82.2% and 3.6% .respectively.There were 20 mothers ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:The probability of DNA vaccine against human rotavirus was studied,by constructing three
recombinant plasmid clones,pCI/vp7,pCI/vp4,and pCI/vp6,and transferring into TA muscle
(quadriceps)of BALW C mous~.with intramuscular inoculation.The sera were collected and antibody ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:In order tO provide some data for study of T cell epitope.HV S and 5’termirmI of S gene
segment were inserted into an eukarytic expression vector pcDNA 3.1/V5一His TOPO.The recombi—
nant expression plasmids peDNA3 1-S and pcDNA3.1-S—N were constructed.Vero cells were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:In order to investigate the immunity of the recombinant adenoviruses inoculated to the ani—
mals,structural gene from RNA of HAV was cloned by RT-PCR and inserted into the shuttle plasmid
(pXCX2Not I).A replication-defective adenovirus was rescued in 293 packing cells via ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:To research ToRCH IgM clinic diagnosis,four kinds for methods for non—specific interfer—
enee removed have been compared in IgM detection;then ToRCH IgM in sera of 256 female donors.
143 normal pregnant women and 61 abnormal pregnant women were detected with the best method ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Full—length NS5A gene of Hepatitis C Virus was amplified by PCR.using plasmid pBAC25
containing HCV nonstructural protein genes as template.The amplified fragment(about 1.34kb)was
cloned into transfer plasmid pBuleBacHisA.The recombinant plasmid DNA was cotransfected with
genome ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:This research provides the evidence about the identification of haculovirus receptors present
in midgut cell lystes.Rabbit antiserum against purified PDV of SpltM NPV was produced Total midgut
eel1 proteins were prepared with SDS lysis buffer with or wi出OUt ..., Abstract
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Buchnera groEL gene of endosymbiotic bacterium (Buc hnera sp.) from Myzus persicae Yangling boitype (P.R.China) was isloated,a n d the complete nucleotides sequence was determined.It is indicated that Buchne ra groEL gene of M.persicae includes 1647 base pairs,has 99% and 91% sequ ce similarity ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A New member of Tetraviridae family was found and is olate d from Dendrolimus punetatus larvae in China.Purified virion is icosahedral spheroid with the diameter 44nm and 240 identical subunits in the particle with T=4 symmetry.The nucleic acid in the virion was determined to be single-strande d ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:A porcine kidney cell line(PK一15)was infected by a field—isolated virulent strain of classical
swine fever virus(CSFV39) After the infected cells had subeultured 79 passages for near eight
months.a steady modeI of the eell persistently infected by virus has been ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Accordilag to CAV Fip genes sequence,4 paris of primer were designed tO amplify the Fip
genes with PCR method.Complete Fip gene sequences of al1 CAV strains were shown tO be consisted of
1 629nt and 1 63lnt and encoded 542 and 543 amino acids from ATG start cod en.The deduced ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:According to the published ORF2 gene sequence of PCV一2,two primers were designed.and
ORF2 gene was amplified from suspected PMW S sample using PCR.Then the PCR product was
cloned into pGEM .T easy vector,and recombinant plasmid nam ed pTORF2 was obtained The cloned
ORF2 ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
In previous report we have cloned a putative early and late transcriptional gene 1 197 of
prawn baculovirus.In order to detect the biological function of this gene ,1197 gene was inserted into
expressing vector pGEX-3X.The fusion protein expressed with high yield gua$obtained,but ..., Abstract
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