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Research Article
Typing RT—PCR was used to amplify hantaviruses genome from peripheral blood samples of
34 patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrom e hospitalized in W uhan.The products contained
within G 1 gene of M segm ent, w ere digested with H in C II and Sac I respectively, thereby, ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:The E gene of dengue一2 virus was amplified using RT—PCR mothod from the C6/36 cells in—
fected by D2V NGC strain and inserted into pPICZ a B vector.The recom binant plasm id was integret—
ed into Pichia pastoris X一33 by electroporation and the expressed products were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Using HCV NS3 m onoclonal antibody as selective molecule, a 12 m ar phage peptide library
was biopanned and positive clones were selected by ELISA . com petition assay and DN A sequencing.
Eleven positive clones were chosen for DN A sequencing.From the experim ent and sequencing com ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To sequence the full length genome of Japanese encephalitis virus attenuated strain SA14—12—
1—7.direct information about the genomic structure and the possible relationship to the attenuated and
stability m echanism has been provided in this study.Six pairs of prim ers were designed ..., Abstract
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Research Article
In order tO study the structure specificity of HPV 1 6 E 7 gene of cervical carcinoma in W uhan
city and W ufeng county of Hubei the tissue DNA was abstracted from cervical carcinom a biopsies from
W uhan and high incidence region of cervical carcinoma in W uhan county. HPV 16 E 7 gene was ..., Abstract
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Research Article
For understanding the mechanism Of neurovirulence attenuation Of the Japanese encephalitis
virus(JEV),nucleotides of the E coding region of five JE strains,one wild and four attenuated viruses,
were am plified by PCR and sequenced.A comparison of the five sequences indicated that there ..., Abstract
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Research Article
In order tO study the nucleotide sequence of L segment of Hantaan virus strain 84FI i,the
cDNA of L segment was amplified fragment by fragment by RT—PCR .The purified PCR products were
sequenced directly or cloned into pM D18一T vector and then sequenced.The I genom e segm ent is 6533 ..., Abstract
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Research Article
H antaan virus glycoprotein G1 and nucleoprotein partial fragment w ere connected in differ—
ent ways.The constructed chim eric gene G 1 SO .7 or SO.7G 1 was inserted into baculovirus expression
vector pFBD.The recombinant shuttle plasmids(Bacmids)containing chimeric genes were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:To question the reason of CO—localization of hDaxx and PM L in PODs disrupted by Aden—
ovirus(Ad)E1 B 55一kilodalton oncoproteins(Ad E1 B 55kD),the interaction of Ad E1 B 55kD with
hDaxx was analyzed by the yeast two-hybrid assay, and the direct binding of Ad E1 B 55kD with ..., Abstract
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Research Article
An lef一3 gene of HaSNPV was identified.It was 1ocalized in Bam H 工一F fragment of the
genome.Nucleotide sequencing showed the open reading frame was 1 1 40 nt,encoded 379 amino acids
with a predicted size of 44kD.A ”TATA”box was found in 40~ 43nt upstream of the transcriptiona1 ..., Abstract
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Research Article
WHs3 Serratia marcesscens is a high yield bacterium of Chitinase.The yield of chtinase in
induce medium was 84.4t~g/mI .The chitinase(A3) can enhance the toxicity of Helicoverpa
arm igera nucleopolyhedrovirus(HaSNPV)up tO 20% ~70% .The LT50 and LT90 were shortened
1.1 and 1.3 ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Transgenic chili pepper plant expressing CM V and TM V coat protein gene were infected
with CM V and TM V to com paring the characteristic of CP—M R in transgenic chili pepper and virus
content in inoculated plants.The results showed that the transgenic chili pepper exhibited high level ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Based on the PVS coat protein gene sequence(885bp)a pair of specific primers were de—
signed and the coat protein(CP)gene of potato virus S(PVS)was amplified by RT—PCR.The gene
was cloned into pGEX一2T vector and then transformed into E .coli DH5a.The gene has high homolo—
gy(95% ..., Abstract
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Research Article
An infectious bursal disease virus(IBDV)field strain,named NH99,was isolated and iden—
tifed from some flocks with imm une failure in Shanghai according tO the clinical symptom ,pathology,
serological test,animal challenge and virus morphology,The virus was characterized as a very ..., Abstract
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Research Article
From the tiger frog virus(TFV)genome,an open reading frame(ORF),whose deduced
amino acid sequence(aa)shows identity with RNase 111。was identified.The ORF has 1 113bp long
and codes a putative protein of 371 aa with a predicted molecular mass of 40.47kD and a G+ C content
of ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two different reoviruses were isolated during investigation on pathogens of diseased crab E—
riocheir sinensis(designated as Es RV816 and Es RV905). RV816 was isolated from crabs collected
from Jiangsu province.Es RV905 was purchased from a local farm in W uhan, Hubei province.The ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Acording tO Avian Infectious Brochitis virus(IBV)Beaudette strain S 1 gene sequence,a
pair of primers were designed and synthesized.W ith the primers, IBV Guangdong isolation strain
GD05 S 1 gene was successively amplified by RT — PCR .PCR product was digested w ith BstY I,Hae
III ..., Abstract
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昆虫杆状病毒(Insect baculo irus)对鳞翅目、双
研究的步伐,本文归纳了近几年来有关昆虫杆状病 ..., Abstract
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树鳓是一个独立目的,称为攀鼢目(Scandentia)⋯ ,
但目前基本定为低等灵长类。由于其具有体积小, ..., Abstract
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蟹(Portunus depurator或Liocarcinus depurator)体
内发现的类呼肠孤病毒⋯ 。随后,人们相继在这类
(尤其是螃蟹和淡水甲壳类动物)而不引发疾病,其 ..., Abstract
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生发展有密切关系⋯ 。病毒分离,血清学研究,免
近,LI等[ ]用肠道病毒特异性单克隆抗体,采用改 ..., Abstract
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的基因时控性,一定时间内使某些细胞死亡而让另 ..., Abstract
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