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The aim of this study was to prove the relationships of serotypes and nucleotide sequences of
the Dengue viruses genome.To this end,the nucleotide sequences of 5 noncoding region,3 一noncod—
ing region,envelope E glycoprotein,nonstructural protein NS1 were aligned correspondingly.W ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Using molecular cloning technique,HPV16 E7 gene was cloned into eukarytic expression
vector.HPV16 E7 DNA vaccine was constructed and Balb/c mice were immunized by intradermal ad—
ministration with HPV16 E7 vaccine.After immunization,mice spleen lymphocytes were prepared and ..., Abstract
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Research Article
In order to use major capsid protein L1 of Human papillomaviruses(HPV)16 produced in a
fused fom in E .coli and HPV16 L1 VLP produced in recombinant adenovirus in 293 cells as antigen
to detecton antibodies of HPV 1 6 L1 in the cervical cancer people.and compare the serological differ— ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To construct a recombinant eukaryotic expression vector bearing fusion gene Of Hepatitis B
viruS(HBV)S2+S gene and IFN-a gene,technique of splicing by overlapping extension and two
times PCR were used.Fusion gene fragment was obtained and directly cloned into pcDNA3.1 V5/His
TOPO TA ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The influenza epidemic situation in the epidemic year of M arch 200 1 to March 2002 in
Hubei area was analyzed according to the results of isolations of Infzuenza viruses,detection of human
antibodies against Infzuenza viruses and epidemiological survey.It was concluded that there were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A 8.5kb fragment containing an E .coli low—copy number mini F replicon,a selectable
kanamycin resistance marker and lacZ gene with attTn7(the target site for bacterial transposon Tn7)
replaced polyhedrin gene in HaSNPV genome using homologous recombination.HaSNPV genome was
cloned ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Enhancin is a group of baculovirus proteins capable of increasing the infectivity of viruses in
insect larvae,as well as the insecticidal effect of other biology control agents. In order to study the
structure and function of enhancin from Trichoplusia i gran ulovirus, recombinant ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The PCR product of the HaSNPV chitinase gene,which was without the N—terminal signal
peptide and the C-terminal endoplasmic reticulum location signal,was cloned into a prokaryotic expres—
sion vector pProEXHTb.After the induction of IPTG,the chitinase gene was successfully expressed ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A recombination transposing vector pBlueBacHis2一CagA was constructed by inserting Heli—
cobacter pylori f口gA gene into pBlueBacHis2A vector of baculovirus expession system .Co—transfecting
Sf9 cells with Bac—N—blue DNA and pBlueBacHis2一CagA,recombinant viral DNA was obtained by ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two cDNA fragments encoding human interleukin一12(hII一12)P35 and P40 subunits were
isolated by RT.PCR from KB cells stimulated with PDBu,and then cloned into pCR .1 respcetively
and down the double promoters of pAcUw 5 1.The recombinant baculovirus Ac—hiL2 was obtained by ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Homology and phylogenetic tree analysis of genus Bymovirus suggested that the 5 一UTR of
RNA1 and RNA2 of the same virus were more similar than those of the same RNAs of different virus—
es.but the instance of 3 UTR was opposite.Secondary structure analysis on polypoteins showed that ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A antiviral protein。YP46—46,was isolated and purified to homogeneity from the mushroom,
Plearotus citrinopileatus.by precipitation of 40% 一60% saturation of ammonium sulfate followed by
DEAE-sepharose FF ion—exchange column chromatography。 Sephacryl M S一200 High Resolution ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Bovine immunodeficiency virus(BIV)is a kind of Lentivirus belonging tO Retrovirus,and
up tO now.there is no report about itS infection tO human.In order to check BIV S infection to human
cells,we transfected BIVl27 cDAN into human cells MT一4.By RT~PCR,we checked the transcription ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The methods of reverse transcription,polymerase chain reaction(PCR)amplification,and
cloning of full—length VP2—4—3 gene of a very virulent infectious Bursal disease virus(vvlBDV)strain
SH95 were developed.The use of random primer and a reverse transcriptase lacking RNase—H activity ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Bluetongue virus(BTV)HbC strain and BTV 10(the international standard strain)were
respectively inoculated onto the different species monolayer cells such as Vero cell(monkey renal cel1),
C6 cell(mouse neuroglioma cel1)and Hela cell(human cervical cancer cel1).We studied ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two new methods,colony counting method and plate inducing method,were established for
determining ultraviolet induction rate of prophage in the present study.Culture of lysogenic bacteria
(λ)which was induced hy ultraviolet irradiation and cultivated in dark was directly spread on the ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
We investigated the infection of Avian leukosis virus subgroup J myelocytomatosis using
EI ISA method in Inner Mongolia Region.The result indicated that the meat—type flocks of three dif—
ferent farms infection rate'.of ALV—J were 28.12%(9/32)、9.38%(3/32)and ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Several methods were t~ted for measurement of lysing cycle and burst size of the cyanophage infecting the ilia—
mentous cyanobacterium—Plectonema boryanum IU594.The rm~ts indicated that the lysing curve of host cells was con—
sistent with the one-step growth curve of cyanophage,thus it ..., Abstract
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分子伴侣(molecularchaperone)的概念,由Lasky于1978年首先提出,真核细胞内质网中的分子伴侣是由多种蛋白质组成,它 们可以介导新合成蛋白质的正确折叠与装配,并在真核生物的细胞中广泛存在。, Abstract
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猪流行性腹泻(porcine epidemic diarrhea,PED)

。猪流行性腹泻病毒(Porcine epidemic diarrhea
染性胃肠炎(porcine transmissible gastroenteritis, ..., Abstract
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毒科病毒,以科罗拉多蜱媒热病毒(Colorado tick
fever virus,CTFV)为代表株,该病毒原为环状病毒
毒,尤其是病毒基因组为12个双链RNA节段而不 ..., Abstract
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