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Rceomdinant plasmid pET-E2 was transformed into BL21 (DE3) competent cell, then induced the amplified culture with IPTG. There was a 34 kDa band in SDS-PAGE gel. The molecular weight of the expressed protein was comsistent to that of deduced E2 protein. Tested by western-blot, It showed that the ..., Abstract
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To study the cellular entry of Hantavirus, we constructed dukaryotic expression vectors harboring Homo sapiens integrin β3 gene. The 2.3kb ORF region of human integrin β3 subunit cDNA was amplified from the plasmid containing cDNA of human integriri β3 by PCR. Then the PCR products with the ..., Abstract
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A T1 DNA fragment was obtained from W uhan patient serum by PCR,which was cloned
into plasmid pMDl8—-T and analyzed by sequencing combined with computer techniques comparing
withother isolated strains.The results reveal that this DNA fragment consists of 1 333 base pairs containing ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Recombinant euckaryotic expression vectors pcDNA3.1二G2S0.7 and pcDNA3.1一S0.7G2 were
constructed by cloning chimeric genes containing G2 fragment of M segm ent and 0.7Kb fragment of S
segment into pcDNA3.1 (+、. Then BALB/c mice were vaccinated by the two vectors. EUSA ..., Abstract
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By using bioinformatic methods, the characters of HTRP-a new unknown function gene
of cellular response against the specific stimulation of HSV-1 were analyzed and predicted.The preliminary
speculation on the transcription regulation region and encoding protein were undertaken.Th ese ..., Abstract
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In order to construct bicistronic expression vector of RANTES and SDF-l,the ligands of HIV-1 principal coreceptors,RANTES-KDEL were amplified from pCMV-R-K by PCR and ligased with eukaryotic expression vector pCMV-S/K. The construction of pCMV-R-K-S-K was confirmed by enzymatic digestion and ..., Abstract
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Abstract:A general cDNA library of Agrotis segetum granulosis virus(ASGV)which was from infected
A grotis segetum(As)l arva has been constructed.The first and second cDNA strands were synthesized by
AMV reverse transcriptase from mRNA which was isolated from total RNA of infected As ..., Abstract
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Abstract: A new cell line,designated NEAU—Ms一9803 12,was established from 24一hr—old Mythimna
separata eggs and was passaged 201 times.The cells were heterogeneous in morphology with spherical
and spindle—shaped cells.Th e population doubling time of the cell line aws 47.82h in ..., Abstract
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In order to compare the difierence of protein expression in A utograph cdifornica nu,cleo,7
polyhedrosis virus(AcMNPV)mutants,the spodopterafrugiperda IPLB-SF-21 Cell was infected with
wild type(HR3)and mutants(ts317,ts538,ts8),and incubated at permissive and nonpermissive ..., Abstract
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Dendrolimus punctatus cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus(DpCPV)was purified from infected
Dendrolimus punctattts and the genomic dsRNA segments were subsequently extracted. Segment 8
dsRNA was purified by low melting-temperat agraose.A single amino-linked modified oligonucleotide
(primer ..., Abstract
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A ubiquitin gene of Spotoptera exigue multi-nucleopolyhedrovirus (SeMNPV) was
cloned and sequenced.The result showed that the gene size was 243 bp,encoded 80 amino acids with
apredicted size of 9.4kDa.To construct expressive vector for the udiquitin gene of SeMNPV.the frag.
ment ..., Abstract
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For the synthesis of cDNA of Dendrolimus punctaus CPV (DpCPV)NS5 protein,the primers
were designed on the basis of the RNA sequmce of BmCPV一1(I strain)segment 9.After the RT—PCR
the amplified cDNA was cloned into the pMD18一T. NS5 protein gene of DpCPV was found to be 963 ..., Abstract
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Cloned one virus binding protein from Rhopalosiphum maize Yangling biotype through PCR
technique,using designed specific primers based on this protein partially sequence.In nucleotide and
amino acid sequeneee levels. this protein was identified as GroEL protein of endosymbiotic bacterium ..., Abstract
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Tobacco vein distorting virus(TVDV)is one of the casual agents of tobacco bushy top
disease. It was designated a tentative member of the family Luteoviridae. Partial sequence of the
genome of rIvDV was amplified by RT-PCR from total RNA of tobacco affected with tobacco bushy top ..., Abstract
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Tobacco vein distorting virus(TVDV)is one of the casual agents of tobacco bushy top
disease. It was designated a tentative member of the family Luteoviridae. Partial sequence of the
genome of rIvDV was amplified by RT-PCR from total RNA of tobacco affected with tobacco bushy top ..., Abstract
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0ral vaccine candidate of Rabies virus strain SRV9 is an intermediate plaque subclone of
SAD B 19 and has been used in field with good safety and immunogenicity.A pair of primers was designed
according to the published sequence of rabies virus glycoprotein.Reverse ..., Abstract
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Abstract:According to the published cDNA sequences of Infectious bursal disease virus(IBDV),a pair
of primers to variable region in VP2 were designed for cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification of four
IBDV isolated from different bird species,CH,DU,GE and SP.The ..., Abstract
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A reovirus (designated as EsRV905), was isolated from Chinese Mitten Crab(Eriocheir
sinensis). Viral genome was extxacted with Trizol reagent and individual segment was recovered
separately from gel after 6.5% PAGE. The cDNA library of RNA1 was synthesized using random
primer ..., Abstract
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Abstract:With purified Wheat yellow mosaic vires(WYMV) particles as antigen, cavy was injected
to produce specific antiserum.Its titer was tested as Y1 28 by the method of micro-immunoprecipitation.
Using cavy antiserum as capture antibody for trapping the virus and rabbit antiserum as ..., Abstract
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In order to investigate the detection methods and gene structure of SV40 ST-ag and LT—ag—
C in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and kidney cells from different Macaque monkeys,
using PCR, 4 positive templates were obtained firstly, then 4 ST—ag gene fragments and 4 ..., Abstract
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