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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Hepatitf B virus(HBV1 genome DNA was directly extracted from human serum infected
with HBV.The full length preS gene DNA was obtained by PCR using the HBV genome DNA as
template.Then it w0s cloned into the pUCm—T vector and sequenced using the M 1 3 Primers.The
sequencing data shows ..., Abstract
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To study the association of heat-shock protein GRP94 an d HSP27 with Hantaan virus
nucleocapsid protein(HTNV—NP)during viral replication,new—bom mice less than 72h of age were
experimentally infected with Hantaan virus intracerebrally.Brains of mi ce at the 8th day post-infection ..., Abstract
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To clone and express in vitro Human papillomavirus type 16 l1 (HPV16L1) gene ,and provide a good basis for further research DNA vaccine against HPV16 infection and human cervical cancer, the HPV16l1 gene fragment was amplified from genome of p16L1BN1 by PCR and cloned into eukaryotic expression ..., Abstract
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A PCR—M PH—ELISA method detecting HCMV infection was established.The PCR products
of HCMV DNA were binting—labeled by a 5’-biotinlabeled primer through sample am plification.After
the labeled product was mixed with a 5’-digoxin—labeled probe,hybridization was carried out for 2 ..., Abstract
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A filamentous virus HN021 was isolated and purified from mosaic leaves of Solanum tuberosum collected from Shimen, Hunan province. It was primarily identified as potato virus X by double-stranded RNA analysis, host reaction tests and morphological observation of virus particles and inclusions. A ..., Abstract
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A rapid an d reproducible method was first established for assessment of Hog cholera
lapinized virus(HCLV)loads in Classical Swine Fever vaccine using Flurogenic quantitative PCR
(FQ·PCR)combines LiIghtCycler sequence detection system.The method contains a pair of primers and
an ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The capsid protein(VP60)gene of Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV)isolate WX84
was amplified by RT.PCR and cloned into pGEM R-T vector for sequence.Th e sequence an alysis
showed that the nucleotide sequence of the vp60 gene of WX84 was 1 740 bp an d encoding a protein of ..., Abstract
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While observing Duck viral hepatitis seed virus in chicken embryonic allantochoroin liquid.
another symmetry nonenveloped icosahedral viron with a diam eter of 7O tO 80 am was found.In order
to investigation this contam inating virus,we selected four random primers to am plify this ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The f gene was amplified with one—step RT—PCR,cloned and sequenced from three virus
isolates(Avian paramyxovirus type I),which were isolated from diferent avian (chicken and pigeon)
inYunnan province.Th e result of the nucleotide sequence an alysis indicated that the homology ..., Abstract
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The nucleocapsid protein gene(orf 7)of Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome
virus(PRRSV)was isolated from PRRSV genome by RT PCR.The gene was cloned into pMD 1 8一T
vector,the recombinant plasmid pMD1 8N containing orf 7 was sequenced and compared with other
PRRSV ..., Abstract
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Morphological characterization of Infectious canine hepatitis virus specific inclusion bodies
was carried out by both immunogold electron microscopy and electron microscopy in sire hybridization.
Three morphological types of inclusion bodies were observed:loose ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The Foot and mouth disease virus(FMDV、non.structural protein 3ABC can be used for
diferentiation of infection from vaccination.The primers of 3ABC gene were designed an d synthesized,
an d the 5’end an d 3’end of primers were adding the sequence of restriction endonuclease ..., Abstract
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A 0.77kb UL49 gene encoding the tegument protein VP22 was amplified from cells culture
infected with Bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV—I)bv PCR.The DNA fragment was further cloned into
pM D 1 8一T vector,resulting in recombinant plasmid pM D—VP22.The sequences were determined an d
there is ..., Abstract
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Abstract:In this experiment the conditions for the expressing of HCLV E2 glycoprotein A and D
an tigenic domains in E coli were optimized.On this basis,the expressed protein was purified by
dissolving the inclusion body in Tris.HC1 with 6 mol/L guan dinine an d passed throh a His Bind ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Grass carp reovirus(GCRV)is a disaster agent to aquatic animals,which belongs to genus
Aquareovirus.family Reoviridae.Sequences an alysis revealed GCRV S2 was 3877 nucleotides long
encoding a 1 38kDa protein VP2,which is deduced as virus RNA polymerase.To understan d the ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Genechip technology was adopted to diferentiate the four animal vesicular diseases in order
to distinguish them properly,rapidly an d largely.Thirty-nine amplified target gene fragments were
puriried with Qiaquick 96 plate kit,and diluted with TE to obtain a concentration of ..., Abstract
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Abstract:A luciferase gene has been inserted into the recombinan t plasmid PIDNV—pUCl l9 which
contained partly deletion of genome of Periplanete fuliginosa densovirus(PfDNV).The recombinant
plasmid with luciferase gene was co··transfected with pfDNV·pUCl l9 into Periplanelefuliginosa ..., Abstract
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DNA of Syngraphafalcifera nuclearpolyhedrosis virus D—clone(Sfa-D clone)was extracted
and digested by three kinds of restriction endonuclease.W e calculated its molecular weight an d measure
its melting temperature.G+C% .virus particle an d polyhedrin were purified.The structural ..., Abstract
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Abstract:According to the published genome seqflences of Porcine circovirus type 2(PCV2)and
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus(PRRSV),primers were designed and PCR,
RT-PCR were set up for the detection of PCV2 an d PRRS respectively.W ith the established meth ods, ..., Abstract
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