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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Research Article
Abstract: Wle examined 121 Specimens of exfoliated cells and tissue of cervix for the presence of
肿V一16/18 an d HSV一2 DNA by PCR.At the same time,we analysised 76 specimens from tissue of
cervix for the expression of p53 by immunohistochemical assay.The HPV一16/18 ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The gene encoding a strategically truncated E glycoprotein,approximately 80% of the
N·terminal sequence was cloned into the eukaryotic expressing plasmid pCXN2 to get the recombinant
plasmid pCXN2一E.Indirect immune fluorescence assay showed that the recombinant plas mid pCXN2·E
Can ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The E2 gene of Hepatitis C Virus was amplified by PCR.and cloned into the pQE30 at the
downstream of LacZ promoter.The recombinan t vector DNA was introduced into the E.coli盯 109 cell
to create the JM109 pQE2.The HCV E2 protein fused to 6 His peptides with molecular weight of
35kDa ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:1]he neuraminidase(NA)gene of Influenza virus A/FM,1/47 was amplified by RT—PCR and
cloned into adenovirus vector pTrack—CM V The recombinan t plasmid an d adenovirus DNA Was
cotransformated into E coli BJ5 1 83 an d the recombinan t adenovirus genomic DNA Was obtained ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To investigate the function of human rotavirus nonstructrual protein NSP4 in the pathogenesis of rotavirus, the cDNA of NSP4 gene of a human rotavirus strain 97SZ8 was cloned and its 86-175 amino acid at the C terminal fused with GST was expressed in E.coli BL-21, the recombinant protein was then ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:XJ一1 60 is the first Chinese isolate of a Sindbis—like virus,an d its genome was completely
sequenced in our previous work.In this investigation,a full—length genomic cDNA clone Was firstly
constructed from RT—PCR products of the viral RNA.Then.the plasmid of replicon ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Mechanism of oncolysis of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) CN strain is studied in vitro in five carcinoma cells including HEP3B, T24, A549 and Hela cells, The pseudopods of the infected cells were retracted after 16h infected with 16HU/mL CN strain, the cells changed round and lost adhesion, the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
According to PCR primers for SARS developed by WHO network laboratories we synthesize 4 primer pairs: BNIin-s/as、BNIout-s/as、SARl-s/as、COR1/COR2 and establish assays of one-step RT-PCR for detection of SARS associated coronavirus. Specific DNA fragments as predicted were produced from specimen ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Sublethal effects of reproduotion in female adults were found when eighth and ninth-instar female P. fuliginosa nymphs werw treated by PfDNV with three diffirent concentrations. The results showed that the longevity of female adults were reduced 121days, 145days and 179days, respectively. The ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Wild HaNPV-VHA_(273) Multi-nucleocapsid NPV and its clone Single-nucleiocapsid NPV H_9 were compared on the shape and structure, biological activity, restriction pattern and structural polypeptide.The LC_(50) values of the wild and clone isolates for early third instar H.armigera larvae were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Dendrolimus punctatus cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus(DpCPV)genome dsRNA wag
extracted an d S4 was separated.RT—PCR amplification technique Wag adopted to clone the viral
genomic dsRNA S4 flor sequence determination.The results showed:the full length of S4 is 3262bp,it ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Pseudelatia separata(Lepidoptera:Noctuidae)infected with Pseudelatia separata NPV
(asNPV)and Pseudelatia separata GV (PsGV)and coinfected with the two viruses,the structural
characters of its pi0thoracic gland( rG)and the ultrastructure of the gland cells were observed.The ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:A recombinant virus containing double copies of V—cath gene was constructed by using
Han pvid Bac—to—Bac system.ThiS recombinan t virus was named as dciHaNP、 because it was inserted
an other copy of V-cath gene controlled by iel promoter.Dot blot an d Northern blot an alysis ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The full-length genome of Foot-and-Mouth disease virus (FMDV) OH99strain was cloned by RT-PCR and 3’RACE, and sequenced. The result shows that the full-length genome of OH99 strain is 8040nt in length, including 5’NCR, Leader protein coding region, Polyprotein coding region, and 3’NCR Their ..., Abstract
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According to the published IBV gene sequence, a pair of specific primers were designed and synthesized. A fragment of 1.7kb including mRNAs and mRNA_6 cDNA of infectious bronchitis virus LX4 was amplified, cloned and sequenced. Then the nucleotide and the deduced amino acid sequence of this ..., Abstract
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We jointly applied immunofluorescence technique, RT-PCR assay and flow cytometer to evaluate the stability of a cell model persistently infected by Classical swine fever virus (CSFV39), which was established by our laboratory and named CSFV39-PK15. The experiment results indicated that this cell ..., Abstract
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gB gene of Marek’s disease virus (MDV) was inserted into pcDNA3, forming eukaryotic expression recombinant plasmid pcDNA3-gB. Recombinant plasmid pcDNA3-gB was identified by BamHⅠI and PCR. PcDNA3-gB was transfected into COS-7 cells in vitro. Expressed protein was detected by indirect ..., Abstract
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The gene of nucleocapsid protein of Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) VR2332 strain was amplified by RT-PCR. The PCR product was purified and digested with BamH Ⅰ and Xho Ⅰ, then directly cloned into the prokaryotic vector pET32a. Consequently the recombinant plasmid was ..., Abstract
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Both microcalorimetric measurement analysis by using LKB2277 bioactivity monitor and traditional method used in one-step growth curve in virology were carded out on BHK-21 cell line infected by FMDV (Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus). The results show that microcalorimetric study can be applied in ..., Abstract
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Abstract:A lot of spherical virions were observed in internal organiT.ation such as gill and mantellum
of the diseased Mytilus edulis with negative staining method.The diameter of V on is around 8()_一
200nm with dual unit membran e.Sam e virions were observed in connective tissuese of ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Abstract:The mosaic disease samples of Cucurbira pepo L.vail ov~ra and Cucumis melo L.vat.
conomon were collected in greenhouse an d field at various sites in Congming Islan d.After host bioassay,
electron microscopy(EM)observation,DAS—ELISA testing and molecular detection,the ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Abstract:Cell membran e extracted from shrimp gill was coated on 96 well plate and bound witIl DIG
labeled White spot syndrome virus(wssv),then detected with Anti—DIG—Fab—HRP system,meanwhile
taking the cell membran e from hepatopancreas,muscle,and E.coli for control group,the ..., Abstract
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