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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Research Article
Abstract:In this Paper we repoaed that Cytomegalovirus infection induced high levels of Cyclin E,
increases of Cyclin E/cdk2 activity,leading to cell cycle arrest.By 72h postinfection(at a multiplicity of
infection of 1 0 PFU/per cel1),29% of the cells was S phase,69% of the cells ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:To study the apoptosis of malignant carcinoma cells induced by Hantaan virus.SP2/0 cells
cultured in vitro were infected with Hantaan virus.Their apoptosis profiles were detected using
Giem sa staining,flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry staining.Giemsa staining showed ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:A human endothelial cell line(ECV304)derived from umbilical vein was used to study the
mechanism of Dengue virus type 2 fDEN2)infection on endothelial cells.VimS growth curve on the
ECV304 cells showed that the cells were sensitive to DEN2 infection.M embrane preparations from ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:To assign the ck.borne encephalitis virus(TBEV)Senzhang strain isolated in China to one
of three TBEV subtypes and understand the relation between the polyprotein structure an d biological
function an d aid in the development of new TBEV vaccines.the nucleotide sequence of the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Recombinant plasmid pCDNA3一Core was constructed by inserting Hepatitis C virus(HCV一1 1
core gene into the site between EcoR I and Xba I of eukaryotic expression vector pCDNA3.The
recombinan t plasmid pCDNA3一Core was tran sfected to COS一7 cellline by LipoVec .Expression of ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The viral RNAs were isolated from the infected Vero—E6 cells.then the templates were
produced by reverse tran scription reaction.Two pairs of primers were used to amplify the 5 一ends of
four strains of SAR. ssociated coronavirus(SARS—CoV)by RACE.cDNA fragments with the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:The genome sequences of SARS.associated coronavirus (SARS.COV)were compared witIl
other Coronaviruses.Similar sequences were found by searching biomolecular databases.Sequence
analysis showed that SARS.CoV had similar genomi c organization and structural ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Not only the output of insecticide DpCPV is always afected by climate and circumstan ces

but also af ected by the technology of production highly.Studies have been done on DpCPVHn indoors
and outdoors for the Dendrolimus punctatus quanlity of every collection an d the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:In order to make bases for construction of animal tumor model which expresses EGFP—
HPV l 6E7,recombinant expression plasmid was constructed by techniques of gene recombination after
screening an d identifing by restriction and PCR.Then the recombinant was tran sfected into ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Korean isolate was studied on the shape and structure,structural polypeptide,restriction
pattern.Diameter of polyhedron is 0.36~1.3Um, size of virion is 326 am × 69nm.Assayed by
SDS—PAGE,polyhedron of Korean isolates contained a single polypeptide whose molecular is ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:DendrolimUS punctatus polyhedra were purified from infected Dendrolimus punctatus Larvae
using density centrifugation.Dendrolimus punctatus cytoplasmic polyhedrosis viruses(DpCPV)were
subsequently extracted from polyhedra by SDS treatment,followed by l% agrose gel ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:As the close consan guinity of human race,the common cotton—eared marmoset(Callithrbc
Jacchus)has been used in a wide range of research as a primate mode1.Acute respiratory infection(ARI)
broke out in a colony reared in the experimental animal center of Tianjin Medical ..., Abstract
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Research Article
One ORF of White spot syndrome virus(WSSV)genome has homology with the cytokine
receptor.This ORF contains 2022 nucleotides and codes for 674 amino acids with a theoretical
molecular weight of 76 kDa.Th is putative gene contains one conserved motif of eukaryotic cytokine
receptor ..., Abstract
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Research Article
According to the published OI 2 gene sequence of PCV一2.two primers were designed to
amplify the ORF2 gene from PK一1 5 cells inoculated by PCV一2.It was cloned into the pSecTag2
vector,and the recombinant plasmid named pSecORF2 was obtained.Another primer was designed to
amplify OI ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The complete genome of type 2 Porcine circovirus(pcv一2)was amplified by polymerase
chain reaction(PCR and cloned directly into me EcoRI sites of plasmid pcDNA3,and recominant
plasmid carrying the complete genome was constructed,designated pcDNApcv2.The entire genome of
PCV一2 was ..., Abstract
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With the specific primers YP1 and YP2 which were designed based on the reported Potato
virus Y(PVY)pl gene sequence,the target gene(0.83kb)was amplified by RT—PCR using the total
I A extracted from PVY infected tobacco plant as templates.The gene was cloned into plasmid an d
tran ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:The complete nucleotide sequences of the RNA2 of two Chinese isolates of Rice stripe virus
are determined.One is isolated from endemic sites at Chuxiong(cx),Yunnan Province。the other is
isolated from outbreak sites at Hongze(HZ),Jiangsu Province.Th e total nucleotide ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstrat:Plaques counting is a routine method in the theory research and practiced application of
microbiology.Because of weak contrast between plaque an d the background of the plate,an d the
plaques linking together,a serious error was produced using automatic counting by computer.So ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Abstrat:Plaques counting is a routine method in the theory research and practiced application of
microbiology.Because of weak contrast between plaque an d the background of the plate,an d the
plaques linking together,a serious error was produced using automatic counting by computer.So ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Abstract:The envelope proteins of White spot syndrome virus(WSSV)are very fragile and easy to be
destroyed during purification.It was difi cult to obtain a large quan tity of intact virions by routine
sucrose gradient centrifugation.After modifying the sucrose gradient by adding citrate ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Virion RNA was abstracted from purified type I Avian paramyxovirus strain YN—PA0 1
(isolated from parrot)and used as a template.The fragment containing the fusion gene(F)and
hemagglutinin-·neuraminidase gene(HN)of the isolate was amplified by RT-·PCR and cloned to the pMD
1 8一T ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Abastract:Most of the cyanophages were adsorbed onto the ultrafilter membrance when pre—filtrated
water sample passed through the tangential flow ultrafiltration system.In order to recover much more
cyanophages,we used a technique named‘‘backflushing ultrafiltration”.The results ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Two pairs of PCR primers were designed according to the sequances of the vaccine strain and
virulent strain of CPV.Heminested PCR method was established.Result of the first PCR amplification
showed the same am plified products of 574bp length ,after the second PCR am ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Morphological characterization of purified SARS.associated virus(SARS-CoV)from Hubei
patient was carried out by negative stain and ultrathin section electronmicroscopy.The spike of isolated
SARS.CoV virus is shorter an d smaller than Human coronavirus.A large quan tity of SARS-CoV ..., Abstract
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