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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Brief Reports
A cDNA fragment of the vp8 gene from Rotavirus strain Wa was obtained by RT-PCR and cloned into the expressing vector pGEX-5x-1 to construct recombinant plasmid pGEX-VP8. Transformation of pGEX-VP8 to E.coli JM109 and positive clonse was select, The fragment vp8 was sequenced. With IPTG inducing ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells(PBMCs)were separated on Ficoll—Hypaque density
gradient centrifugation from patients with Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS)and
inf~ted by EB virus(EBV),in Order to establish immortalized B lymphoblastoid cell line(B—LCL).
B—LCLs were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:In order to construct the eukaryotic expression vector of月“man immunodeficieacy virus 1
(HIV-I)core protein gene(pCI—neoGAG),gag gene was acquired from the plasmid pKSGAG by
restriction endonuclease digestion (Xba I ISal I)and ligated onto the eukaryotic expression vector ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:T0 investigate the replication and expression of Hepatitis C virus(HCV)1 a and lb chimeric
cDNA in HepG2 cells.HCV l a/ l b chimeric CDNA was used to construct an expression plasmid for the
tran sfection of HepG2 cells.HCV protein and HCV genomic RNA an d an ti—genomic RNA in ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:To study the antigenicity of prokaryotic expressed products of Hantavirus(HV)S partial
gene(502—1326bp)an d obtain data for serotyping antigen,the prokaryotic expression vectors pRSET
A—S,pRSET A—S—C were constructed respectively.The recombinant expression plasmids were ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:The VP7 gene(vp7)ofHuman group B rotavirus(GBRV)strain WH一2 was amplified and
cloned into the plasmid pUCm—T by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR).Positive
vp7 gene cloned plasmid pT_VP7 was sequenced and analyzed by software GeneBee,the nucleotide ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To amplify M fragment from unknown Phleboviruses,members of 7 serocomplexes and 8 no
complex assigned Phleboviruses,total 42,were chosen and tested.Tl1e M segment amino acid sequences
Of 4 Phleboviruses in GenBank were aligned.Conserved regions were selected to design primers. ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:To develop live—vectored vaccine of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-I)without
selectable marker,we first constructed a tran sfer plasmid pVI75 with selectable m arkers of neo an d/acZ
gene,an d a recombinant plasmid pVI75一Gagpol containing the gagpol gene of Chinese ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:ChemokiRe receptor CCR5 and CXCR4 are principal coreceptors for HIV Blockage of
Human immunodeficiecy virus(HIV)infection can be achieved by engaging CCR5 and CXCR4 with their
natural ligands. man herpesvirus 8 encodes three chemokines: vM IP1.vMIP2 and vM IP3.vM Ⅱ’2
has ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Nucleocapsid gene of SARS·-associated coronavirus(SARS·-CoV)was obtained by reverse
tran scription and polymerase chain reaction from a pateint sufered from severe acute respiratory
syndrome(SARS)from Beijing,subsequently cloned into pUCm—T vector.The sequence of positive ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:A strain of Avian leukosis virus(ALV.J1 subgroup J was isolated from an adult broiler
breeder folck.which had a history of myeloid leukosis(ML).in Inner Mongolian.Moreover,another
strain of ALV J was isolated from a ML case in Shandong.The two isolates were positive reaction ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:A baby hamster kidney cell line(BHK一21) infected by foot—and-mouth disease virus
(OGBF1 5 strain)was treated with NH4Cl,then the cells survived were selected and cloned.32
positive—cloned cell strains were obtained.One strain fBHK—ROp)was randomly selected and subcul— ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Aquareoviruses,which belong to a newly identified genus of the family Reoviridae,are
agents infecting all kind of aquatic animals.Grass carp reovirus(GCRV)was isolated from outbreak
grass carp fingerling in South China freshwater region,and Threadfin reovirus(1f1W )is a Singapore ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The US2 gene nonessential for viral replication was amplified by polymerase chain
reaction(PCR)with DNA from CEF cells infected by MDV vaccine strain CV1988 as template,and was
cloned into T-easy vector;Th e expression cassette including GFP gene controlled by CM V promoter
and ..., Abstract
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Research Article
In order to develop new vaccine candidate of Equine infectious anema virus(EIAV),env gene
of EIAV Chinese donkey leukocyte attenuated strain and its parental virus strain was inserted into the
downstream of pE/L promoter of pSC65 vector,separately.The resulted recombinant vaccinia ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Oedaleus asiaticus entomopoxvirus(DaEPV) contains a factor which enhances the
infection of Metarhizium flaroviride in the grasshopper Oedaleus infernalis.When the spheroids of
OaEPV were dissolved with 2×SDS spheroid alkaline solution and centrifuged,the enhancing
activity ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:The coding region of superoxide dismutase was amplified by using PCR method from
Helicoverpa armigera single enveloped nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus(HaSNPV)C 1 genome.The
PCR product was cloned into pGEM —T-easy vector and sequenced.Th e cloned coding region of
HaSNPV ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Periplaneta fuliginosa densovirus(pfDNV)was found in China at the first time,has been
classified into the subfamily Densovirinae in Parvoviridae.However,Which genus that it be longs to has
not yet been determined and is the focus of the present work.Recent advances in the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract:Ectropis obliqua nucleopolyhedrovirus(EoNPV)infects tea looper Ectropis obIiqua speci—
tically.The application techniques of EoNPV preparations were studied in this paper.It was suggested
that the optimum applied periods were 1~ 2 instar larvae of the 1st,the 2nd,the 5th and ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Abstract: gene of a Chinese isolate of Rice dwarf virus fRDV)was amplified by RT.PCR and then
cloned into pGEM—Teasy.Sequence analysis showed that its nucleotide sequence had high identity to a
Japan ese isolate of RDV an d contmned high percent of rare codons. l6 gene was expressed m ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To construct the recombinant plasmid containing envelope glycoprotein E2 gene of RV JR23
strain,to express E2 protein in BHl(2 l cells,and to analyze the antigenic sites of E2 protein of RV JR23
strain.E2 gene of RV JR23 strain was amplified bv I PCR.The PCR product was cloned into the ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Abstract:The nostructural protein(NS 1)encoded by gene 8 of the Influenza virus is present in cells
infected with Influenza virus.In this study,NS 1 protein gene of the Chicken influenza virus
A/chicken/Beijing/2/97(H9N2)strain was amplified by PCR.The fragment contains EcoR I and ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Abstract:Helicoverpa armigera single nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus(HaSNPV)has been used as
a com m ercial pesticide for the control of cotton bollworm .H owever, some kinds of phenolase
(particularly peroxidase)secreted by cotton glands,which generate free radicals,diminish the ..., Abstract
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