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Issue of Virologica Sinica
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Research Article
To study the immunogenicity of spike protein of SARS coronavirus, an expressional plasmid was constructed encoding partial sequence of SARS Coronavirus spike protein from 2170 bp to 2814bp, named fragment-2(S2). The gene sequence encoding S2 was amplified by RT-PCR from SARS Coronavirus genome RNA ..., Abstract
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Research Article
In this study, α22, an immediate-early gene of HSV-1 was analyzed with RNAi technology. Two sequences of siRNAs (siRNA-1 and siRNA-2) were prepared by in vitro transcription, and transfected into the Hep-2 and KMB17 cells. The cells were subsequently inoculated with HSV-1. The results demonstrated ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The expression of TGF and its role in the autopsy lung tissue of patients with Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)was investigated .Pathological features of 2 autopsy lung tissues of SARS cases were studied by light microscope. TGF-β-1 expression in autopsy lung tissues from patients of SARS ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A real-time TaqMan-based RT-PCR assay was developed to rapidly detect the Severe acute respiratory syndrome-associate coronavirus(SARS-CoV). Primers and probes specific to the conserved region of the SARS-CoV genome were selected,and the reactive system and conditions were optimized to improve the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
A recombinant HCV RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp, NS5B protein) was expressed in E. coli strain BL21(DE3). The purified protein was used to investigate the RNA syntheses from the 3′ terminal sequences of HCV positive and negative strand RNA in vitro. The positive strand RNA did not direct the ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To understand the differentially expressed target genes in HepG2 cells transfected with PS1TP1 protein expression vector, we compared the differentially expressed genes between the hepatoblastoma cell line HepG2 transfected by pcDNA3.1(-) and pcDNA3.1(-)-PS1TP1, respecti vely with cDNA microarray . ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To investigate the effect of SDF-1 gene immunization on immune response induced by HIV-1(Human immunodeficiency virus) nucleic acid vaccine and to explore new strategies for therapeutic HIV DNA vaccine. Balb/c mice were immunized with pCI-neoGAG alone or co-administered with the DNA encoding for ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Our previous studies showed that the NSP4 gene of human rotavirus epidemic strains in China can be divided into two groups:Wa and Kun, and the Wa group contains three subgroups. To investigate whether there were differences in virulence among the different rotavirus NSP4 genotypes, NSP4 genes from ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The envelope glycoprotein E2 of classical swine fever virus(CSFV) was an important protective antigen with more than thirty hydrophobic amino acids at the carboxyl terminal. E2 genes with different lengths of transmembrane region(TMR) of Hog cholera lapinised virus(HCLV) were amplified by ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To provide convenient and effective tool for differentiating analysis between EIAV vaccine and pathogenic strain, molecular marker of FLAG+{TM} or 6+*His was inserted into S2 gene of EIAV(equine infectious anemia virus) vaccine infectious clone pFD3, The resulted chimeric clones pFD3-FLAG and ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Two M gene sequences of Canine coronavirus (CCV), from a wild strain NJ17 from a diarrhea dog faecal sample in Nanjing City and CCV 1-71 reference strain, were cloned and sequenced. The results showed, CCV 1-71 shared high similarity (98.9~99.5%) to CCV V1, V2 and a CCV strain from giant panda ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To study the biological medicine function between BTV and BTV dsRNA molecule of inducing Hela cell to produce IFN and apoptosis in vitro, we carried out the Hela cell monolayer seperately with BTV and BTV dsRNA packed lipofectamine in different concentration level, and detected separately the Hela ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The short interfering RNAs(siRNA) specific for conserved regions of avian Infectious bronchihitis virus(IBV) genome were designed using the software online. The siRNA had the potency of inhibiting IBV production in both cell lines and embryonic chicken eggs. 12 siRNAs from polymerase gene (pol), M ..., Abstract
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Research Article
In this study, sequences of the 1.8kb gene family of 12 different strains of Marek′s disease vivuses were compared. These strains covered 4 different pathotypes, i.e, vaccine, virulent, very virulent, and very virulent plus strains, plus three field strains isolated in China. The results ..., Abstract
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Research Article
One strain of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus(IBV) was isolated from layer flock which had the symptom of egg drop in Tai’an of Shandong Province, and identified by electron microscope, HA test and animal regressive research. Results of virus neutralization test showed that the isolated virus is ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Nucleic acid sequence-based amplification with electrochemiluminescent detection (NASBA/ECL) of avian influenza virus subtype H5 was developed,comparing with virus isolation in embryonated chicken eggs. The NASBA technique described here can detect three isolates of infuenza A subtype H5 and do not ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The complete HA gene of AIV H9N2 subtype was amplified with PCR method using a pair of specific primers designed according to the relevant nucleotide sequence from GenBank. The PCR product was successively cloned into pMD18-T and pET-32a (+) to get a prokaryotic expression vector pET-HA. The target ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Baculoviruses and entomopoxvirus are the viruses which have been reported so far having ubiquitin gene. The ubiquitin gene of Helicoverpa armigera single-nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus(HaSNPV) was amplified by PCR. Nucleotide analysis showed that it was 252bp,encoded 83 amino acids with a ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The nonstructural protein gene 3ABC of Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) was amplified by reverse transcription (RT) PCR and the PCR product was inserted into transfer vector pFastbacHT. Then, the recombinant vector pFastbac HT-3ABC was extracted and transfered into DH-{10}Bac containing a ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The coat protein gene of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) from melon isolate (CH99/ 90) was amplified by RT2PCR from the total RNA of infected zucchini leaves and cloned into pUCm2 T vector . The gene consisted of 657 nucleotides encoding 218 putative amino acids. Nucleotide sequence alignments showed ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The DNA component 5 (DNA-5) of Banana bunchy top virus NS strain was cloned and sequenced. It was 1014nts in full length and could code for 146 amino acids. The nucleotide and amino acid sequences of the DNA-5 were compared with those of isolates from Australia, Hawaii, Egypt, and identities of ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The nucleotide sequences of full length RNAs of CMV-CA strain were determined and compared with those of CMV-Fny in subgroupⅠA, CMV-SD in subgroupⅠB and CMV-Q in subgroupⅡ, and Peanut stunt virus(PSV) ER strain in the same genus. CMV-CA RNA1 is 3356nt long,containing 1 ORF encoding 111kDa 1a ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
The HC-pro gene was amplified by RT-PCR from total RNA of tobacco leaves infected with a N strain of Potato virus Y in Shaanxi, and cloned into the PMD 18-T vector. This HC-pro gene is consisted of 1371 nucleotides, encoding 457 amino acids. It shared the sequence homology of 82.5%~96.4 % ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
The gene of nucleocapsid protein of Equine arteritis virus was amplified from PMD-18-T plasmid with equine arteritis virus ORF7 sequence by PCR. The PCR product was sequenced as well as purified and digested with EcoR I and Xho I, then directly cloned into the prokaryotic vector pET32a. ..., Abstract
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Brief Reports
Influenza A virus is a widespread pathogen,but current vaccines and drug therapy are of limited value. RNAi may provid a novel route to control it since RNAi can inhibit gene expression high-efficiently and specificly. A recombinant plasmid with a short hairpin RNA(shRNA)targeting at the nuclear ..., Abstract
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In the course of calculation of genetic distance of virus gene, p and q should be comprehended of the transition rate and transversion rate. The result K should response the time concept of evolution speed if K would be a percent. So genetic distance were proposed to change into evolution per cent ..., Abstract
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