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The complete nucleotide sequence of the measles virus strain IMB-1, which was isolated in China, was determined. As in other measles viruses, its genome is 15,894 nucleotides in length and encodes six proteins. The full-length nucleotide sequence of the IMB-1 isolate differed from vaccine strains ..., Abstract
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A monoclonal antibody (MAb) specific for the bluetongue virus (BTV) group specific antigen (VP7) was characterized for its reactivity with purified virus and recombinant BTV VP7 (rVP7) protein and its suitability for use in the sandwich ELISA. The MAb, designated as 5B5 was specific to VP7 and ..., Abstract
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To obtain the P8 protein of Rice gall dwarf virus (RGDV) with biological activity, its outer coat protein gene S8 was expressed in Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9) insect cells using the baculovirus expression system. The S8 gene was subcloned into the pFastBacTM1 vector, to produce the recombinant ..., Abstract
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Egypt, protection of cattle against lumpy skin disease (LSD) was carried out using a sheep poxvirus (Kenyan strain) vaccination strategy. In the present study 15 skin nodules from LSD suspected cows and 5 scab samples from sheep pox (SP) suspected sheep were collected. Hyperimmune rabbit sera to ..., Abstract
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The protein HTRP (human transcription regulator protein) is encoded by the differential gene htrp and induced by Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) infection in KMB-17 cells. HTRP was found to interact with SAP30 (mSin3A Association Protein), one of the components of co-repressor complex mSin3A ..., Abstract
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Chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEFs) are among the most commonly used cells for the study of interactions between chicken hosts and H5N1 avian influenza virus (AIV). In this study, the expression of eleven housekeeping genes typically used for the normalization of quantitative real-time PCR (QPCR) ..., Abstract
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In this study, a standard strain of HSV-1 (strain SM44) was used to investigate the antiviral activity of the recombinant Cyanovirin-N (CV-N) against Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) in vitro and in vivo. Cytopathic effect (CPE) and MTT assays were used to evaluate the effect of CV-N on HSV-1 in ..., Abstract
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Prion diseases are infectious and fatal neurodegenerative diseases. The pathogenic agent is an abnormal prion protein aggregate. Microglial activation in the centre nervous system is a characteristic feature of prion disease. In this study, we examined the effect of PrP 106-126 on PrP mRNA gene ..., Abstract
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In order to evaluate the anti-influenza virus activity of the effective monomer from Folium Isatidis (FI) in vivo, we established mice model with viral pneumonia and divided them into 3 different dose groups, then observed their lung indexes, pulmonary pathological changes, pulmonary virus ..., Abstract
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