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Many plants contain ribosome inactivating proteins (RIPs) with N-glycosidase activity, which depurinate large ribosomal RNA and arrest protein synthesis. RIPs so far tested inhibit replication of mRNA as well as DNA viruses and these proteins, isolated from plants, are found to be effective against ..., Abstract
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Caspases are an evolutionarily conserved family of aspartate-specific cystein-dependent proteases with essential functions in apoptosis and normally exist in cells as inactive proenzymes. In addition to the inflammatory caspases, the initiator and effector caspases have been shown to have an ..., Abstract
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Although the important role of the non-structural (NS1 and NEP) gene of influenza A in virulence of the virus is well established, our knowledge about the extent of variation in the NS gene pool of influenza A viruses in their natural reservoirs in Kazakhstan is incomplete. 17 influenza A viruses ..., Abstract
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This study aimed to evaluate emerging trends of drug resistance to nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) and nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) among 290 former blood donor HIV-1 infected patients in Hubei, China, from 2004 to 2006, all of whom had received ..., Abstract
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Banana streak virus (BSV), a member of genus Badnavirus, is a causal agent of banana streak disease throughout the world. The genetic diversity of BSVs from different regions of banana plantations has previously been investigated, but there are relatively few reports of the genetic characteristic ..., Abstract
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The ubiquitin-like modifier bISG15 is an antiviral protein found in fetal bovine lung (FBL) cells. Bovine Herpesvirus 1(BHV-1), which is a viral pathogen of cattle, can infect FBL cells and induce cytopathic effects. Real-time PCR assays showed that BHV-1’s infection could repress the basal or ..., Abstract
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A bacterial cell surface display technique based on an ice nucleation protein has been employed for the development of live vaccine against viral infection. Due to its ubiquitous ability to invade host cells, Salmonella typhimurium might be a good candidate for displaying viral antigens. We ..., Abstract
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A total of 100 H1N1 flu real-time-PCR positive throat swabs collected from fever patients in Zhejiang, Hubei and Guangdong between June and November 2009, were provided by local CDC laboratories. After MDCK cell culture, 57 Influenza A Pandemic (H1N1) viruses were isolated and submitted for whole ..., Abstract
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