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Issue of Virologica Sinica
Emerging and re-emerging viruses in the modern world Cartoon images of (re-)emerging viruses - influenza virus (upper left), SARS-CoV (lower Left), and Ebola virus (right). In this special issue we present a collection of updated research reports covering many aspects of emerging viral diseases,including diagnostics, therapeutics development, vaccine strategy, and virus-host interactions. These reports provide a comprehensive summary of our current understanding of these pathogens and how we can combat their spread.
Article List:
Filoviruses are hemorrhagic fever viruses endemic to parts of Africa and the Philippines. Infection carries with it a mortality rate of up to 90% and currently there are no effective vaccines or therapeutics available to combat infection. However, the filovirus virus-like particles (VLP), which are ..., Abstract
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More than 40 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have been approved for a number of disease indications with only one of these (Synagis)-for a viral disease, and not for therapy but for prevention. However, in the last decade novel potent mAbs have been discovered and characterized with potential as ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Influenza A virus poses a great threat to global health, and oseltamivir (trade marked as Tamiflu), which targets influenza surface glycoprotein neuraminidase (NA), is used clinically as a major anti-influenza treatment. However, certain substitutions in NA can render an influenza virus resistant ..., Abstract
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Bat SARS-like coronavirus (SL-CoV) has a genome organization almost identical to that of SARS-CoV, but the N-terminus of the Spike (S) proteins, which interacts with host receptor and is a major target of neutralizing antibodies against CoVs, of the two viruses has only 63-64% sequence identity. ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Multiplex RT-PCR assays have been widely used tools for detection and differentiation of a panel of respiratory viral pathogens. In this study, we evaluated the Qiagen ResPlex II V2.0 kit and explored factors influencing its sensitivity. Nasopharyngeal swab (NPS) specimens were prospectively ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Human adenoviruses (HAdVs), especially HAdV-B3, -E4 and -B7, are associated with Acute Respiratory Disease in Chinese children, and occasionally in adults. In order to establish and document the profiles of the respiratory adenovirus pathogen among children in Guangzhou, Southern China, a rapid ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Plasmid DNA, an effective vaccine vector, can induce both cellular and humoral immune responses. However, plasmid DNA raises issues concerning potential genomic integration after injection. This issue should be considered in preclinical studies. Tiantan vaccinia virus (TV) has been most widely ..., Abstract
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Research Article
To understand the molecular characteristics of China human rabies vaccine strains, we report the full-length genome of the aG strain and present a comprehensive analysis of this strain and almost all available lyssavirus genomes (58 strains) from GenBank (as of Jan 6, 2011). It is generally ..., Abstract
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