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Issue of Virologica Sinica
Phage display is a method for the study of protein- or peptide-biological molecule interactions that utilize bacteriophages to connect peptides with the genetic information that encodes them. The filamentous bacteriophage M13, which can be functionalized by genetic engineering and chemical conjugation of its exterior surface coat proteins, has been applied as a biological scaffold in biomaterials, imaging, biocatalysis, and drug delivery. In this issue, a research group lead by Dr. Xiaosheng Liang, reports an engineered tyrosinedisplaying M13 phage that can aggregate under a wide range of concentration of ferric and ferrous ions. This engineered phage could be used as a probe for detection of ferric or ferrous ions without complicated instruments or reagents. The cover image shows the filamentous tyrosine-displaying phages aggregated side by side after incubation with Fe3+ and Fe2+. See page 410- 416 for details.
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RNAs are functionally diverse macromolecules whose proper functions rely strictly upon their correct tertiary structures. However, because of their high structural flexibility, correct folding of RNAs is challenging and slow. Therefore, cells and viruses encode a variety of RNA ..., Abstract
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Ferric and ferrous ion plays critical roles in bioprocesses, their influences in many fields have not been fully explored due to the lack of methods for quantification of ferric and ferrous ions in biological system or complex matrix. In this study, an M13 bacteriophage (phage) was ..., Abstract
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The complete genome of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis granulovirus (CnmeGV) from a serious migratory rice pest, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), was sequenced using the Roche 454 Genome Sequencer FLX system (GS FLX) with shotgun strategy and assembled by Roche GS De Novo assembler ..., Abstract
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Bats are natural reservoir hosts for many viruses that produce no clinical symptoms in bats. Therefore, bats may have evolved effective mechanisms to control viral replication. However, little information is available on bat immune responses to viral infection. Type I interferon (IFN) plays ..., Abstract
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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an increasing cause of serious infection, both in the community and hospital settings. Despite sophisticated strategies and efforts, the antibiotic options for treating MRSA infection are narrowing because of the limited number of newly ..., Abstract
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Viral protein R (Vpr) plays an important role in the replication and pathogenesis of Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1). Some of the various functions attributed to Vpr, including the induction of G2/M cell cycle arrest, activating the NF-κB pathway, and promoting viral ..., Abstract
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The Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) gp41 membrane proximal external region (MPER) is targeted by broadly neutralizing antibodies (e.g. 2F5, 4E10, Z13e and m66.6), which makes this region a promising target for vaccine design. One strategy to elicit neutralizing antibodies against the ..., Abstract
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In summary, rod-shaped bacterial cells and Pseudomonas spp. dominated the bacterial community in the Napahai plateau wetland. Based on our TEM results, bacteriophages with larger capsids (60–140 nm) and Siphoviridae members were dominant. We were able to isolate a batch of cultured ..., Abstract
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As a viral RNA-dependent polymerase, porcine kobuvirus 3D protein is involved in regulating viral RNA replication and plays an important role in virus proliferation (Verma et al., 2013). Therefore, we first conducted molecular and phylogenic analysis of the porcine kobuvirus 3D region. ..., Abstract
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The present study characterizes the recently circulating DENV-3 strain in the metropolitan city of Delhi during post monsoon period of 2013-14. Partial molecular characterization of 12 DENV3 isolates was carried out on the basis of envelope (E) and non-structural 1 (NS1) gene regions. Phylogenetic ..., Abstract
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Our results indicate that CHIKV strains circulating in these three regions of Cameroon have a common origin and do not differ from strains circulating in Central Africa as they all clustered in the central African lineage. The presence of the E1-A226V mutation indicates the possible virulence ..., Abstract
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