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Issue of Virologica Sinica
Serving the society since 1986. Throughout its 30-year history, Virologica Sinica has changed along with the development of virology, but what has remained constant is our close concerns and interactive connections in this field. This cover offers a look back at those classic and distinctive covers from the journal's history, featuring the milestones and special issues in the past 30 years. Standing at a new starting point, we will continue to serve as a platform for the communication and exchange of academic information and ideas in an international context. Be with us and look forward to the next 30 years.
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Three-dimensional (3D) culture models are physiologically relevant, as they provide reproducible results, experimental flexibility and can be adapted for high-throughput experiments. Moreover, these models bridge the gap between traditional two-dimensional (2D) monolayer cultures and animal ..., Abstract
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Mammarenaviruses, including lethal pathogens such as Lassa virus and Junín virus, can cause severe hemorrhagic fever in humans. Entry is a key step for virus infection, which starts with binding of the envelope glycoprotein (GP) to receptors on target cells and subsequent fusion of the virus ..., Abstract
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The cell membrane regulates many physiological processes including cellular communication, homing and metabolism. It is therefore not surprising that the composition of the host cell membrane is manipulated by intracellular pathogens. Among these, the human oncogenic herpesviruses Epstein–Barr ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Ficolin-2 is a lectin complement pathway activator present in normal human plasma and usually associated with infectious diseases, but little is known about the role of ficolin-2 in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Here, we describe our novel findings that serum ficolin-2 ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) encodes 15 viral proteins. Protein-protein interactions play a large role in the function of these proteins. In this study, we attempted to identify novel interactions between the HIV-1 proteins to better understand the role played by viral protein-protein ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Cells of the P8-Se301-C1 strain are Spodoptera exigua cell clones that each harbor a partial version of the S. exigua multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (SeMNPV) genome and which are resistant to homologous SeMNPV infections. The cells produce no viral progeny, suggesting that the infection is ..., Abstract
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HPV18 genome contains two major transcription start sites (TSS) respectively positioned at nt 55 (TSS-55 or promoter P55) and nt 102 (TSS-102 or promoter P102) in the early promoter region upstream of viral E6 open reading frame (ORF). The TATA box driving RNA transcription at the TSS-55 overlaps ..., Abstract
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Here, by collecting large amounts of HI data of seasonal influenza virus, i.e., influenza A(H1N1), A(H3N2) and B virus (Supplementary Materials), we systematically analyzed the relationship between the pairwise two-way rNHT distances for influenza viruses., Abstract
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Quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) has been commonly used for IAV detection in influenza surveillance and disease diagnosis because of its high sensitivity, specificity, and high throughput. A number of HA subtype specific qRT-PCR methods have been developed, including H5, H7, and H9 (Monne et al. ..., Abstract
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A recent controversy over the naming of a human adenovirus (HAdV) type 55 as type "11a" (Kajon et al., 2013; Walsh et al., 2010) serves as instructive example to illustrate some of the pitfalls of relying on REA to identify, characterize, type, and name adenoviral pathogens in the era of whole ..., Abstract
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China has a large population, and its climate and the wide distribution of the mosquito vectors in south China are high risk factors for RVF outbreak. More importantly, once RVFV is introduced into permissive ecologies, it can become endemic, with the potential to spread into other non-endemic ..., Abstract
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