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Viral pathogens frequently hijack the host actin polymerization machinery to facilitate their infection. Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) is one of the unique insect virus that inducing actin polymerization occurring in the nucleus, which requires relocation of cytoplasmic actin polymerization machinery, including actin-related protein 2/3 complex (Arp2/3), to the nucleus. Therefore, the alphabaculovirus-infection system could serve as a research model for investigating the nuclear import mechanism of Arp2/3. In this issue, Wang et al. investigated the spatial changes of Arp2/3 subunits induced by the viral replication-associated protein Ac34 in Sf9 cells. The cover shows the relocation of Arp2/3 subunits (P40, Arp2, P34, P21, and P20) in the presence of the viral late gene product Ac34. See page 472-479 for details.
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IκB kinase ε (IKKε) is a non-canonical IκB kinase that is extensively studied in the context of innate immune response. Recently, significant progress has been made in understanding the role of IKKεin interferon (IFN) signaling. In addition to its roles in innate immunity, recent studies also ..., Abstract
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The innate immune system utilizes pattern recognition receptors cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS) to sense cytosolic double-stranded (ds) DNA and initiate type 1 interferon signaling and autophagy pathway, which collaborate to limit pathogen infections as well as alarm the adaptive immune response. ..., Abstract
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Though efficient vaccines against hepatitis B virus (HBV) and antiviral therapies are available,chronic HBV infection is still a global health problem. The process of HBV infection and HBV life cycle are extensively studied in last decades, however, the mechanisms of HBV-induced alterations of host ..., Abstract
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The actin nucleator actin-related protein complex (Arp2/3) is composed of seven subunits: Arp2,Arp3, p40/ARPC1 (P40), p34/ARPC2 (P34), p21/ARPC3 (P21), p20/ARPC4 (P20), and p16/ARPC5(P16). Arp2/3 plays crucial roles in a variety of cellular activities through regulation of actin polymerization. ..., Abstract
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The envelope fusion protein F of baculoviruses is a class I viral fusion protein which play a significant role during virus entry into insect cells. F is initially synthesized as a precursor (F0) and then cleaved into a disulfide-linked F1 and F2 subunits during the ..., Abstract
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Ebola virus (EBOV) causes severe hemorrhagic fever in humans and non-human primates with high rates of fatality. Glycoprotein (GP) is the only envelope protein of EBOV, which may play a critical role in virus attachment and entry as well as stimulating host protective immune responses. However, the ..., Abstract
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In this study, we use SRLCA to identify the possible Hsp90-ORF36 interaction. Additionally, critical amino acids of ORF36 and Hsp90 are deleted or mutated to evaluate their possible contributions to Hsp90-ORF36 interaction. The results indicated that the aa 215–257 of ORF36 and aa 110–180 region ..., Abstract
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On July 2, 2015, four pigs with severe respiratory distress and high fever (>40.0 ℃) at a farm in Jeonpook province in the Southern region of South Korea were euthanized, and their lung tissues were collected and homogenized in PBS. The homogenized samples were inoculated into the wells of 6-well ..., Abstract
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Here, we report what we believe is the first case of EBV-associated HMB from Europe. Follow-up schedules and the necessity of reporting of EBV-associated HMB cases are being discussed., Abstract
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In this study, we aimed to develop a rescue system for genotype VII NDV by generation of a full-length cDNA comprising a longer ribozyme sequence. In addition to virus rescue, reporter gene expression from transfected mini-genome cDNAs was significantly enhanced by the optimized ribozyme., Abstract
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In this study, a total of 409 symptomatic tobacco leaf samples were collected from 12 provinces in China during 2010 and 2011. As shown in Figure 1, those provinces are Anhui, Fujian, Guangxi, Guizhou, Henan, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Hunan, Liaoning, Shandong, Shaanxi, and Yunnan., Abstract
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