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Virologica Sinica, 34 (1) : 22, 2019
Regulation of Virus Replication and T Cell Homeostasis by N6-Methyladenosine
The First Hospital of Jilin University, Institute of Virology and AIDS Research, Changchun 130021, China
 Correspondence: wanghong309768094@126.com;zhangwenyan@jlu.edu.cn
RNA modifications are abundant in eukaryotes, bacteria, and archaea. N6-methyladenosine (m6A), a type of RNA modification mainly found in messenger RNA (mRNA), has significant effects on the metabolism and function of mRNAs. This modification is governed by three types of proteins, namely methyltransferases as “writers”, demethylases as “erasers”, and specific m6A-binding proteins (YTHDF1-3) as “readers”. Further, it is important for the regulation of cell fate and has a critical function in many biological processes including virus replication, stem cell differentiation, and cancer development, and exerts its effect by controlling gene expression. Herein, we summarize recent advances in research on m6A in virus replication and T cell regulation, which is a rapidly emerging field that will facilitate the development of antiviral therapies and the study of innate immunity.
Received: 8 Sep 2018  Accepted: 26 Nov 2018  Published online: 22 Jan 2019
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