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Author [孔晓红] article list of Virologica Sinica
Despite the success of combined antiretroviral therapy in recent years, the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-associated neurocognitive disorders in people living with HIV-1 is increasing, significantly reducing the health-related quality of their lives. Although neurons cannot be ..., Abstract
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In conclusion,we first found that HIV infection upregulates the ATL1 mRNA.Up-regulation of ATL1 contributes to HIV-1 replication and down-regulation of ATL1 in host cells inhibited the viral replication.The further research found that ATL1 promoted the level of Env expression on the cell surface ..., Abstract
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The multifunctional trans-activator Tat is an essential regulatory protein for HIV-1 replication and is characterized by high sequence diversity. Numerous experimental studies have examined Tat in HIV-1 subtype B, but research on subtype C Tat is lacking, despite the high prevalence ..., Abstract
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In summary, this report documents the generation of antisense transcripts from clone127 of the R29 strain of BIV. An antisense ORF was predicted, and antisense transcripts were detected in 293T cells transfected with DNA containing the BIV127 proviral sequence. More importantly, the antisense ..., Abstract
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Perinatal transmission of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), also called mother-to-child transmission (MTCT), accounts for 90% of infections in infants worldwide and occurs in 30%-45% of children born to untreated HIV-1 infected mothers. Among HIV-1 infected mothers, some viruses are transmitted ..., Abstract
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In order to elucidate the regulation mechanism of RU5 region to BFV gene expression, BFV3026 provirus DNA was used to construct the plasmids containing different deletion of R region, which were cotransfected with luc report gene locatied behind the IP promoter to BL12 cells, and luciferase ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Rabbits were injected with a single intravenation of Bovine foamy virus 3026(BFV3026)·
infected cells in the ear and monitored for sera-conversion serologically up t0 l year.Results of the
serological an d virus-rescue assays indicated that all animals were persistently infected ..., Abstract
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