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Author [孙明] article list of Virologica Sinica
Seven hundred thirty clinical tissue samples collected from diseased pigs in South, Middle, and North China were subjected to detect PCV3 DNA by PCR and results showed that PCV3 positive rate was 14.25%. Six PCV3 genomes were obtained and classified into 3 different clusters. The primary ..., Abstract
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Porcine circoviruses (PCV) include PCV1, PCV2, and the new-emerging PCV3. PCV2 is pathogenic to pigs, but the pathogenicity of PCV3 in pigs is debatable. Recently, there have been frequent reports of PCV2 and PCV3 co-infections in clinical samples. Thus, it would be practical to develop a duplex ..., Abstract
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In this study, we aimed to develop a rescue system for genotype VII NDV by generation of a full-length cDNA comprising a longer ribozyme sequence. In addition to virus rescue, reporter gene expression from transfected mini-genome cDNAs was significantly enhanced by the optimized ribozyme., Abstract
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Due to the insufficient supply of embryonated chicken eggs, the preparation of large quantities of inactivated influenza vaccines will require an alternative virus culture system after the emergence or reemergence of a pandemic influenza virus. The Vero cell is one of the ideal options since it was ..., Abstract
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A virus isolate from domestic chicken agglutinated chicken erythrocytes and was found as globular enveloped virion of 90nm-100nm diameters under TEM. The isolate was identified as H7N2 Avian influenza virus(AIV) by HI and NI assays and designated as A/Chicken/Hebei/1/ 2002(H7N2,or briefly as ..., Abstract
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In our study on the gene response to virus infection,a colony of 705bp—HSP一714 was se—
lected from the cell specific cDNA library induced by HSVI infection.The gene sequence analysis re·
vealed that it was a new complete gene sequence(Gene Bank Accession number~AF372624)with a ..., Abstract
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Abstract:HCV E2 DNA fragment encoding E2 pmtein(amino acid 417—750)was cloned into the eu—
caryotic expressing plasmid pCDNA3 to get the recombinant plasmid pcE2.The pcD2 DNA was used as
gene vaccine to immunize rabbi~ and mice respectively.The specific antibody against HCV E2 was ..., Abstract
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Two pairs of primers were used for amplifying SFV gene with nested—PCR in Rhesus Mon—
key blood The neady 500 bp PCR products were cloned into vector pUC-19.The fragment was de
tected as 465 bp SFV pol gene by sequence analysis.The homology of the fragment to 425 bp pol gene
of the ..., Abstract
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Four kinds of eukaryotic expressing plasmids of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) E2 gene, either containing or lacking the signal sequence and transmembrane region sequence, were constructed. The antibodies against CSFV were induced after immunization of mice by intramuscular (IM) injection with ..., Abstract
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For investigating poliovirus recombinant defective vector system, the separated genes of poliovirus structure protein and replicase were induced into cell, the defective recombinant virus could be assembled. This virus is able to infect the cell and to express the extraneous gene in the cell, and ..., Abstract
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