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Skin-resident dendritic cells (DCs) likely encounter incoming viruses in the first place, and their migration to lymph nodes following virus capture may promote viral replication. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes remain unclear. In the present study, we found that ..., Abstract
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Paramyxovirus Tianjin strain, a new genotype of Sendai virus, was isolated from the lungs of common cotton-eared marmoset that died of severe respiratory infection in the marmoset colonies. The 19.28% IgM positive rate in the young children with acute respiratory tract infection suggested a close ..., Abstract
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The amino acid sequences of the NP, P, M, F, HN and L proteins of the paramyxovirus Tianjin strain were analyzed by using the bioinformatics methods. Phylogenetic analysis based on 6 structural proteins among the Tianjin strain and 25 paramyxoviruses showed that the Tianjin strain belonged to the ..., Abstract
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Large felids, such as tigers, lions and leopards are often infected with Canine Distemper (CD). Blood samples from pre-immune Amur tiger, African lion and lynx were collected and the antibody against CDV was measured by neutralization tests. The results showed that their CDV antibody level were all ..., Abstract
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A virus isolated from cattleya in Xiamen, China was identified as an isolate of Odontoglossum ringspot virus, based on its biological properties, particle morphology, serological characterization and RT-PCR. Mechanical inoculation test with the isolate was carried out to 27 species of 6 families of ..., Abstract
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Based on reported Cymbidium mosaic virus(CyMV)and Odontoglossum ringspot virus(ORSV)genomic cDNA sequences, two pairs of PCR primers for viral coat protein gene with expected ampliffied sizes of 784bp and 604bp were designed respectively, and RT-PCR was performed with the total RNA as templates ..., Abstract
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Comparative studies on biological properties, physical and biochemical properties, morphology and serological relationships of five cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) isolates (PE,PE2,PEf,PC,PF) infecting Passiflora edulis, P. edulis × P.edulis var. flavicarpa, P.edulis var. flavicarpa, P.caerulea ..., Abstract
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