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It is known that vaccine-induced antibodies can aggravate the infections by the antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in some cases. Vaccine-induced enhancement of susceptibility to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) has also been documented. We have previously reported that an ..., Abstract
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Seoul virus (SEOV),which is predominantly carried by Rattus norvegicus,is one of the major causes of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) in China.Hubei province,located in the central south of China,has experienced some of the most severe epidemics of HFRS.To investigate the ..., Abstract
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To study the antiviral activity of Arbidol hydrochloride on Coxsackievirus Group B_3 (CVB_3), the antiviral effect of Arbidol hydrochloride were evaluated with virus inhibitory rates by MTT assay and 50% tissue culture infection dose (TCID_(50)) of the supernatant. The results showed that the viral ..., Abstract
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To create the pathogenicity model of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) on macaca rhesus, the macacu rhesus was infected with SARS coronavirus (CoV) was detected in different samples coming from macaca rhesue in different days by virus isolation, immunoflurescence assay, pathological ..., Abstract
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To develop the pathogenesis of Hantavirus infection, the differentially expressed signal trans- duction-associated genes of integrin in Hantavirus infected cells were investigated by using cDNA microarray. The primary human embryo pulmonary fibroblasts (HEPFs) were infected with Hantaan 76-118 ..., Abstract
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Abstract:To observe the antiviral activity of Algefacient and anti-inflammatory(AI)against influenza
virus,cell culture technique was used in M DCK cells to get virus inhibitory rate an d virus tiler by MTT
assay an d hemagglitination test.Influenza virus infection model was established ..., Abstract
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To amplify M fragment from unknown Phleboviruses,members of 7 serocomplexes and 8 no
complex assigned Phleboviruses,total 42,were chosen and tested.Tl1e M segment amino acid sequences
Of 4 Phleboviruses in GenBank were aligned.Conserved regions were selected to design primers. ..., Abstract
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In order to evaluate the cytotoxicity and antiherpesvlral activity of penciclovir,the antiher—
pesvlral effect of PCV was investigated by observing eytopathie efect(CPE)and the change of viral
infectious titre jn cells infected with herpesvirus,antiviral index and treatment index,The ..., Abstract
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Abstract:According tO Genebank sofeware of HV.the type-specific primers were desisgned cori-~s—
pording tO the conserved sequences in the GI region of M genomic segment of HV.A reverse—transcrip—
tion heminested polymerase chain reaction for HV was developed.Then.RT-heminested PCR ..., Abstract
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We outlinethe development ofthe hantaanvims vaccine in ree~t years∞ brain dsaneinavtivated
vaccine,cultural cell bivalent and univalent inactivated vaccine,recu~ inadou vaccine,DNA vaccine,attenuat—
ed live vaccine,adjuvarIt,inacfivatima methods and lmnlulle strategy., Abstract
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Suckling mice were inoculated with L6565 blLV for researehlng the pathogeny of L6565 moL!se
Leukemia Afterinoeulatica~,叽emol3y,eⅧ sacrificed r3r week.Theperipheral blood,thymus,[ymp畸node,
spleen and liver weTe removed from l’lflOIl~.|I11e tissues were used to observe tIl0 ..., Abstract
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In order to search a effective therapy for viral myocardifis,antivial activity of Rheum offici—
hale on Coxsackieivirus B3(CVB3)was evaluated in BALB/C mice.After being determined optium
scheme with orthogonal design,mice infected with CVB3 were treated with Rheum officinale.rib— ..., Abstract
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The dynamic change of coxsackie B virus(CBV)5 type propagation was studied in Hep一2 cells by immunofluorescence assay,reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and cy—
tological methods The results showed that CBV RNA muld be detected at 4 hours in postinfec—
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The pathogenicity of herpes simplex virus(HSV)in mice宙as observed.The mice appears
syndrome and sign afterinoculation 4 days HSV could beisolatedinthe blood on 2hours po$tin—
fection.The isolation rate of HSV and levd of viremia were increased on 48 hours postirfection.
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A method of reverse - transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT - PCR) was established for detection of respiratory syncytical virus (RSV) RNA genome, The primers were designed based on the nucleotide sequence of RSV N gene. The results showed that the primers can't amplify the genomes of ..., Abstract
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Antiviral effect of Alternanthera philoxeroides Griseb(APG)was studied in oral for epi-demic hemorrhagic fever virus(EHFV)infection in suckling mice.The APG dosages of A,BandC groups were 5mg/(g·d),7.5mg/(g·d)and 10mg/(g·d),respectively. The results showedthat the survival rate of A,B and C group ..., Abstract
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Epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus origined from patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever was inoculated into suckling mice,The results showed that the suckling mice died regularly,The viral antigenand pathological damage appeared in the brain,lung,liver and kidney,The characterization of ..., Abstract
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This paper is a study on the result of animal model with HCMV. Rabbits were inoculated with HCMV-AD_(169) strain. The duration of viremic stage of rabbits infected with HCMV was studied by means of immunoflourescent assays and reisolation of the virus. Specific flourescence for HCMV anti- gen was ..., Abstract
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Detection of HFRS virus infectivity titer using virus-infected cell enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(VIC-ELISA) was more sensitive than the indirect "double-sandwich" ELISA and indirect immunofluorescent antibody(IFA) technique 10 and 100 times respectively. Detection of rabbit anti-HFRS virus ..., Abstract
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Dot hybridization assay was developed to detect epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus(EHFV)RNA genome using probe which biotin-7-dATP labeled R-3 cDNA clone of M fragement of EHFV R-22 strain. This probe was used to detect RNA genome of the human original EHFV H-114 and H-435 strains in cell cultures. ..., Abstract
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