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Hantaviruses are comprised of tri-segmented negative sense single-stranded RNA, and are members of the Bunyaviridae family. Hantaviruses are distributed worldwide and are important zoonotic pathogens that can have severe adverse effects in humans. They are naturally maintained in specific ..., Abstract
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In order to provide some data for the study on T cell epitopes of Hantaan virus nucleocapsid protein, we constructed EBV-transformed B lymphoblastoid cell line (BLCL) from HFRS patients’ PBMC. We inserted HTNV S and 5’ and 3’terminals of S gene segment into a eukaryotic expression vector pcDNA ..., Abstract
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To construct the eukaryotic expression vector of HIV-1 gp120 gene and observe its expression in vitro, the recombinant expression vector pVAX1GP120 was constructed by inserting the gp120 gene into the eukaryotic expression vector pVAX1. The pVAX1GP120 was transfected into Vero cells by ..., Abstract
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Abstract:To study the antigenicity of prokaryotic expressed products of Hantavirus(HV)S partial
gene(502—1326bp)an d obtain data for serotyping antigen,the prokaryotic expression vectors pRSET
A—S,pRSET A—S—C were constructed respectively.The recombinant expression plasmids were ..., Abstract
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Abstract:In order to construct the eukaryotic expression vector of月“man immunodeficieacy virus 1
(HIV-I)core protein gene(pCI—neoGAG),gag gene was acquired from the plasmid pKSGAG by
restriction endonuclease digestion (Xba I ISal I)and ligated onto the eukaryotic expression vector ..., Abstract
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Peripheral blood mononuclear cells(PBMCs)were separated on Ficoll—Hypaque density
gradient centrifugation from patients with Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS)and
inf~ted by EB virus(EBV),in Order to establish immortalized B lymphoblastoid cell line(B—LCL).
B—LCLs were ..., Abstract
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In order to construct bicistronic expression vector of RANTES and SDF-l,the ligands of HIV-1 principal coreceptors,RANTES-KDEL were amplified from pCMV-R-K by PCR and ligased with eukaryotic expression vector pCMV-S/K. The construction of pCMV-R-K-S-K was confirmed by enzymatic digestion and ..., Abstract
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To study the cellular entry of Hantavirus, we constructed dukaryotic expression vectors harboring Homo sapiens integrin β3 gene. The 2.3kb ORF region of human integrin β3 subunit cDNA was amplified from the plasmid containing cDNA of human integriri β3 by PCR. Then the PCR products with the ..., Abstract
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To construct a recombinant eukaryotic expression vector bearing fusion gene Of Hepatitis B
viruS(HBV)S2+S gene and IFN-a gene,technique of splicing by overlapping extension and two
times PCR were used.Fusion gene fragment was obtained and directly cloned into pcDNA3.1 V5/His
TOPO TA ..., Abstract
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In order tO study the nucleotide sequence of L segment of Hantaan virus strain 84FI i,the
cDNA of L segment was amplified fragment by fragment by RT—PCR .The purified PCR products were
sequenced directly or cloned into pM D18一T vector and then sequenced.The I genom e segm ent is 6533 ..., Abstract
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Abstract:In order tO provide some data for study of T cell epitope.HV S and 5’termirmI of S gene
segment were inserted into an eukarytic expression vector pcDNA 3.1/V5一His TOPO.The recombi—
nant expression plasmids peDNA3 1-S and pcDNA3.1-S—N were constructed.Vero cells were ..., Abstract
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To screen the antigenic epitope with monoclonal antibody (mAb)5H5 against Hantaan virus nucleocapsid protein from phage-displayed constrained nonapeptide library,we have completed the work as follows.(1) Purification and biotinylation of mAb 5H5.(2)Biopanning of the phage peptide library by using ..., Abstract
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The coding region of S genorae segment of Hantaan virus(76/118 strain)was inserted
into the eukarytic expression plasmld pVR1012 The recombinant expression plasmid pVRS22
was c。nstructed.Ver0一E cells were transiently tmnsfected in vitro with pVRS22 plasmid.The
transient ..., Abstract
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For increasing the expression level of Hantaan vitus envelope glycoproteins GI and G2 in E.coli, the expression vector pKK223-3 and pGEX-4T -1 were used for  constructingGl and G1 expression plasmids, pGEX-4T-l  was a fusion-protein expression vector phsmid.The results showed that the ..., Abstract
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Tlle expression vector plasmid pBV220 was used tO expre~ ,the envelope曹lycuproteins,G1
andG2 ofFtantsall~vil-uJ5inE.co/i.First,the codingframegenesofG1 andG2werem plifiedby
PCR,and doned into the PCR product cloning T—vector,then they;were cut f u蜕|唱 抟s韵曲蛹n
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The present study reports the use of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR)for typing 18 independently isolated Hantaviruses from Asia-Pacific area by 2 sets of type-specific primers and the sequence analysis.The results of PCR showed that Hantaan specificprimers could amplify all ..., Abstract
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Immunogenecity and immunoprotection of recombinant Hantaan virus nucleocapsid protrein(NP)expressed in E.coli were studied.First,mice were immunized with the recombinant NP,the titer of antibody against Hantaan virus was determineted using indirect immunofluorescenceassay,it was1:12800 in 4 weeks ..., Abstract
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The susceptibility of human B lymphoblastoid cells to HFRS virus infectionwas studied. The results showed that the cells were productively infected byHFRS virus. The persistently infected cells had no obvious cytopathic effects andwere indistinguishable morphologically from uninfected cells. It was ..., Abstract
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