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The dengue virus (DENV) is a vital global public health issue. The 2014 dengue epidemic in Guangzhou, China, caused approximately 40,000 cases of infection and five deaths. We carried out a comprehensive investigation aimed at identifying the transmission sources in this dengue epidemic. To analyze ..., Abstract
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The fragment of plasmid pCMV-tag-2B excluding Cytomegalovirus(CMV) promoter sequence was obtained by restriction enzyme digestion. A pair of primers was synthesized to amplify a fragment of the H1 promoter according to reference. The fragment of H1 promoter was amplified and inserted into the ..., Abstract
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A New member of Tetraviridae family was found and is olate d from Dendrolimus punetatus larvae in China.Purified virion is icosahedral spheroid with the diameter 44nm and 240 identical subunits in the particle with T=4 symmetry.The nucleic acid in the virion was determined to be single-strande d ..., Abstract
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