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Aquareovirus species vary with respect to pathogenicity, and the nonstructural protein NS80 of aquareoviruses has been implicated in the regulation of viral replication and assembly, which can form viral inclusion bodies (VIBs) and recruit viral proteins to its VIBs in infected cells. NS80 ..., Abstract
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In order to improve the accuracy for quantitating the bovine foamy virus (BFV) in vitro, we developed a baby hamster kidney cell (BHK)-21-derived indicator cell line containing a plasmid that encodes the firefly luciferase driven by the BFV long terminal repeat promoter (LTR, from -7 to 1012). The ..., Abstract
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In order to quantitate the bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) infection in vitro, a BIV indicator cell line (BIVL) was established by transfecting baby hamster kidney cells with reporter plasmids containing the firefly luciferase gene driven by a BIV long terminal repeat promoter. The BIV ..., Abstract
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Viruses (e.g. Human immunodeficiency virus, Human simplex virus and Prototype foamy virus) are obligate intracellular parasites and therefore depend on the cellular machinery for cellular trafficking. Bovine foamy virus (BFV) is a member of the Spumaretrovirinae subfamily of Retroviruses, however ..., Abstract
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