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Author [CAI Yi-Quan] article list of Virologica Sinica
The genome of the bacularvirus PINPV was digested completely into sevenfragment (A、B、C、D_1、D_2、E、F) with Hind Ⅲ. These fragments were ligated in vitro with vector pUC18 seperately and used to transform host strainE. coli TG_1. Recombinant colonies were identified with sandwich ..., Abstract
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Eight common fishes were infected with grass carp hemorrhage virus (GCHV)that was from sick grass carp with hemorrhage symptom. ELISA detection showed that artificially infected black carp, silver carp and Hemiculter bleekeri blcckeri were positive, and then carp, variegated carp, triangular bream ..., Abstract
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The immunogenic comparison of three grass carp hemorrhage viruses, GCHV873, GCHV875 and GCHV876 derived from different areas has been carried out on the basis of the levels of the elicited serum antibodies in rabbits. The anti-GCHV873 antibody titre was 2 folds higher than GCHV875 and 8 folds than ..., Abstract
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The polyhedrin gene of Prodenia lituea nuclear polyhedrosis virus(PlNPV) was mapped on the PlNPV DNA HindⅢ-A fragment by Southern-blot hybridization with the AcNPV DNA EeoRI-Ⅰ fragment as probe under 35℃ hybridization conditions. Then, two probes were prepared from PINPV DNA HindⅢ-A and PINPV ..., Abstract
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Some biological properties of Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus (GCHV)-873have been studied in this report. This virus could make grass carp kidney cells(CIK) to produce a unique cytopathic effect. At 28℃ its logarithmic growthphase occured 12 to 48 hr after infection. The virus titer reached ..., Abstract
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