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Author [CHAN Yi-Fei] article list of Virologica Sinica
Human cytomegaiovirus(HCMV)DNA in clinical blood and urine specimens of 27 infant patients infected with hepatitis were detected by DNA-DNA dot blot hybridization using ~(32)P and biotin labeled cloned HCMV AD169 DNA fragment. The hybridization results of blood and urine specimens were compared 16 ..., Abstract
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Synthesized antisense oligodeoxynucleotides, including modified and unmodified, homo- and hetero-forms, were tested for their ability to inhibit mouse SRS virus-induced cellular multiplication, the formations of colonies of SRSV-infected cells and XC syneytia and RT activity. All oligomers were ..., Abstract
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SRSV was obtained from the supernatant of infected NIH 3T3 mouse fiblasts and purified by sucrose density gradient centrif ugation.SRSV RNA was prepared from fresh viral pellets and extracted with chloroform-phen(?)l and fractionated on sucrose gradients. The RNAs of various fractions were ..., Abstract
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