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Author [DING Qing-Quan] article list of Virologica Sinica
In order to compare the difierence of protein expression in A utograph cdifornica nu,cleo,7
polyhedrosis virus(AcMNPV)mutants,the spodopterafrugiperda IPLB-SF-21 Cell was infected with
wild type(HR3)and mutants(ts317,ts538,ts8),and incubated at permissive and nonpermissive ..., Abstract
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The gene library of Parocneria oriema nuclear polyhedlovims(PaorNPV)was panly constructed by
doing$oiriefragnen~ ofBamH I and EcoR I ofP~rNPV genomic DNA into pGEM3Z(f)as a vector.Using
the chifinase gene of Hear SNPV probed wlth[a-32p]dCTP,the chifinase gene ofPaorNPV localized OI3_the ..., Abstract
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The shape, structure, structural polypeptides and restriction pattern of Parocneria orienta Nuclear polyhedrovirus (PaorNPV)was studied. Assayed by vertical slab SDS PAGE, polyhedrin treated by heat contained a single polypeptide with molecular weight of 31.5 kD, while polyhedrin untreated by heat ..., Abstract
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Eight common fishes were infected with grass carp hemorrhage virus (GCHV)that was from sick grass carp with hemorrhage symptom. ELISA detection showed that artificially infected black carp, silver carp and Hemiculter bleekeri blcckeri were positive, and then carp, variegated carp, triangular bream ..., Abstract
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The Grass Carp ( Ctenopharyngodon idellus) Hemorrhage Virus (GCHV) is able to cause slight haemagglutination of human type O blood cells. Serological tests showed that the GCHV is not antigeneally related to Reovirus and Rotavirus by cross reaction with ELISA,, Abstract
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The immunogenic comparison of three grass carp hemorrhage viruses, GCHV873, GCHV875 and GCHV876 derived from different areas has been carried out on the basis of the levels of the elicited serum antibodies in rabbits. The anti-GCHV873 antibody titre was 2 folds higher than GCHV875 and 8 folds than ..., Abstract
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The grass carps infected by the Fish Reovirus(FRV) were fed in constant temperature water, in which there are no notable differences of the death-rate(P>0.05)from 24℃ to 30℃. However, when the water temperature was cut down to 20℃ and gone up to 33℃the death-rate were marked reduction(P<0.01). ..., Abstract
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Hepatitis B virus(HBV) DNA purified from the cloned plasmid pHBV_1 and labelled by nick-translation with α-~(32)p dCTP was as probe, which can be hybridized specifically with HBV DNA. The minimum amount about 0.2pg of DNA has been detected by high specific activity probes. The range of the isotope ..., Abstract
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A strain of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) was isolated from epidemic area of lamb in Inner Mongol in recent years During 1983-1985, we have deteted 229 shares of the fecal samples suffering from this illness in Inner Mongol, the shares of the viral samples account for 59 pereent.These virions ..., Abstract
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