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Author [DONG Jie-De] article list of Virologica Sinica
PV contains two late open reading frames. T he L_2 protein encoded by L_2 ORF possesestype-specific antigenicity. To map the immunoreactive epitope of HPV 6b L_2,a L_2 expressionplasmid p6bL_2 NX was used.Plasmid p6b L_2 NXK was made by adding K pnI linker intopolylinker of p6bL_2 NXK. ..., Abstract
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In this study,we established myocarditis model by using coxsackie type B3 inoculation.Results of the study revealed the following:5 days after inoculation,the percentage of Thylcells in the spleen of infected mice was increased,ttien it was decreased significantly on day7,15 and 2 1,L 3T4 ̄+subsets ..., Abstract
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The effects of Chineee herbal metdicines(Ophiopogon japonieus,Astragalus membranaceus)and a traceelement(chromium)on the growth metabolism and the anti-Virus titer in cultured human and mousemyocardial cells were studied.The resul ts showed that these drugs and chromium could remarkably en-hance ..., Abstract
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人乳头瘤病毒16型(HPV16)含有两个晚期开放读码框(L_1ORF和L_2ORF),L_1ORF编码主要衣壳蛋白,我们用质粒pHPV16、p16L_2BX_5和pATH,采用基因重组技术,制备了含有HPV16个长L_1ORF序列的基因克隆p16L_1BN(5071—253),它能在大肠杆菌中有效表达,产生分子量约90KD的含有E. coli trpE的融合蛋白。Western ..., Abstract
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In this study, we assayed the antiviral effect of AM and RG againstCoxsackie B-3 and Echo-19 viruses and the influence of these two drugs onthe susceptibility of human heart cells to viral infection. Results of the studyrevealed the following: human heart cells, depleted endothelial cells and ..., Abstract
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In this paper, we studied the infeetivity of Coxsackie B_2 Virus(Cox B_2 V) on human and rat myocardial cells (HMC and RMC) and the effect of chromium chloride(CrCl_3) on growth heart cells and infectivity of the virus. Results indicated that HMC is more sensitive to the virus than RMC. Crcl_3 ..., Abstract
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Three transformed human cell lines were obtained after infection of human embryo lung cells with ultraviolet irradiation inactivated HSV-2. The transformed cells appear polygonal resembling epithelial cells. They are morphologically compatible with neoplastic cells, Chromosome examination showed ..., Abstract
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The capacity of three cell lines transformed by HSV-2 to induce tumours in nude mice was studied. The results indicate: (1) The transformed cell lines of the 29-30th passage were oncogenic in nude mice with 100% positive rate. The other lines of the 47th passage was also oncogenic with 66% ..., Abstract
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The biological properties of three cell lines transformed by HSV-2 were investigated. The results indicate that the transformed cell lines possess the following characteristies:(1) chromosomal abnormalities; (2) reduce of requirement for serum factor; (3) rapid growth; (4) colony formation in soft ..., Abstract
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