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Author [GAO Juan] article list of Virologica Sinica
To examine whether the recombinant protein Hsp70-NP could induce the N-specific CTLs, we immunized C57/BL6 mice with purified protein Hsp70-NP, NP or Hsp70. The lymphoproliferative responses and CTL activities of spleen cells from vaccinated mice were determined. Accordingly, in order to get the ..., Abstract
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Recombinant fusion prokaryotic expression vector pGEX-4T-1/hsp70-S was constructed by cloning genes Hsp70 and Hantaan virus S gene coding region into pGEX-4T and was expressed in E. coli. The Hsp70-NP fusion protein was separated and purified with GSTrapFF purification system. We ..., Abstract
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Abstract:To study the apoptosis of malignant carcinoma cells induced by Hantaan virus.SP2/0 cells
cultured in vitro were infected with Hantaan virus.Their apoptosis profiles were detected using
Giem sa staining,flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry staining.Giemsa staining showed ..., Abstract
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To study the association of heat-shock protein GRP94 an d HSP27 with Hantaan virus
nucleocapsid protein(HTNV—NP)during viral replication,new—bom mice less than 72h of age were
experimentally infected with Hantaan virus intracerebrally.Brains of mi ce at the 8th day post-infection ..., Abstract
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