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Author [GONG Zu-Xun] article list of Virologica Sinica
Two virus isolates were found in beet in Xinjiang.After they are inoculated to beet the isolates induced yellow ring spot and line patterns along vein of leave.The rmgspot and line patterns eventuallyformed necrosis.The virus infected Chenopodium amaranticolor C.quinoa, Telragnia axpansa and ..., Abstract
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A 20 nucleotides DNA fragment which is complementary with the assembly origin of TMV-RNA was synthesized. Instead of antisense RNA, the DNA fragment could hybridize with TMV-RNA in nitrocellulose dot hybridization and in mini-volume solution hybridization assays. Using RNA-cDNA complex and 20S ..., Abstract
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An experimental acute myocarditis caused hy Coxsaekie B-3 virus(CB_3V)was developed in male BALB/c mice 4 weeks of age. The animals were szc-rificed at the 7th day after infection, After gross examination, the heart was cut transversely into 3 pieces for light, electron microscopic examinations ..., Abstract
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The partial Purified preparations of Rice Ragged Stunt Virus (RRSV) from fresh diseased rice leaves could be obtained in the high yield by the combination of the techniques of clarification with CCI_4, precipitation with Polyethylene Glycol,differential centrifugations and linear sucrose gradient ..., Abstract
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