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Author [HONG Jian] article list of Virologica Sinica
A total of 100 H1N1 flu real-time-PCR positive throat swabs collected from fever patients in Zhejiang, Hubei and Guangdong between June and November 2009, were provided by local CDC laboratories. After MDCK cell culture, 57 Influenza A Pandemic (H1N1) viruses were isolated and submitted for whole ..., Abstract
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Rice black streaked dwarf virus (RBSDV) infecting stages were viewed in maize vein cell during its different infection period by electron microscope. It was found that the RBSDV particles infected in the maize cell appeared at first in the cytoplasm near the cell wall, some single virus particles ..., Abstract
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The ultrastructural alterations caused by the infection of two cucumber mosaic virus isolates were investigated. Spherical virus particles of CMV M 22, an isolate originally from Salvia splendens , scattered throughout the cytoplasm and aggregated into crystals in the vacuoles of tobacco cells. The ..., Abstract
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In Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces, 5 varieties of the garlic crops are totally diseased. The virus disease frequently causes degeneration of viruliferousness, loss of yields and reduction of tolerant to store. Symptoms due to the infection of virus are chlorotic mottling between the veins ..., Abstract
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Rice stripe disease caused severe damage in China. In the past studies, the emphases were limited in the biological identification, epidemics and control methods, so it is still argued whether the disease iscauaed by RSV or even by a virus. In the present study, a virus with filamentous (3nm wide) ..., Abstract
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Examination of ultrathin sections with an electron microscope revealed that aggregates of filamentous virus particle were seldom found, which always distr buted near vacuole membrane in mesophyll cells, and sometimes scattered si- ngle virus-like particles were also seen in some yellowing and ..., Abstract
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