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Author [HU Yuan-yang] article list of Virologica Sinica
The phospholipase A2 functional domain of PfDNV capsid gene VP1 was obtained by
RT-PCR amplification. The amplified fragment was ligated into a pMD18-T vector and sub-cloned into
prokaryotic expression vector pET28a and pET26b. The recombinant plasmid pET28a-PLA and
pET26b-PLA were used ..., Abstract
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To express the polyhedrin (the tenth segment, S10) of Dendrolimus punctatus Cypovirus (DpCPV) and investigate the localization of the polyhedrin in eukaryote, The polyhedrin gene was amplified from DpCPV by RT-PCR and cloned into pET-28a vector. The polyhedrin was then expressed ..., Abstract
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The major pathological changes of Pieris rapae infected by a new nodavirus (PrNV) and a mixture of PrNV and Pieris rapae Granulosis virus (PiraGV) were studied by electron microscopy and histochemisty. The results showed that PrNV replicated only in the cytoplasm of larval midgut cells. After ..., Abstract
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According to the Granulin gene’s 12 highly conservative nucleotides (TATAAGGAATTT) upstream from the protein intiation codon and the sequence of the Pieris brassiae granulovirus (PbGV) granulin gene, primers were designed to amplify the Pieris rapae granulosis virus (PrGV) granulin gene. The ..., Abstract
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A new picorna-like virus was isolated from dead Evtropis oblique larvae deceased from NPV infection. Electron microscopic observations of purified virions were non-enveloped isometric particles with diameter of 26nm. The virions contain two capsid proteins: 31.5kDa and 28.8kDa, the amount of later ..., Abstract
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For the synthesis of cDNA of Dendrolimus punctaus CPV (DpCPV)NS5 protein,the primers
were designed on the basis of the RNA sequmce of BmCPV一1(I strain)segment 9.After the RT—PCR
the amplified cDNA was cloned into the pMD18一T. NS5 protein gene of DpCPV was found to be 963 ..., Abstract
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Dendrolimus punctatus cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus(DpCPV)was purified from infected
Dendrolimus punctattts and the genomic dsRNA segments were subsequently extracted. Segment 8
dsRNA was purified by low melting-temperat agraose.A single amino-linked modified oligonucleotide
(primer ..., Abstract
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An infectious genome of the Periplanta fuliginosa densovirus (PfDNV) has been cloned into the bacterial plasmid pUC119. The viral genome could be rescued from the recombinant plasmid PfNDV pUC119 by transfection to sensitive Periplanta fuliginosa larvae. Virions can be found in the cells of the ..., Abstract
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Chemical properties of newly isolated Bombyx densonucleosis virus(BmDNV), Yamanashi isolate(Y-DNV), were found to be different from those of first isolated BmDNV, Ina isolate. The viral DNA of Y-DNV was resolved in an agarose gel electropherogram into two closely migrating bands, DNA Ⅰ and Ⅱ. The ..., Abstract
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