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Author [KE Li-Hua] article list of Virologica Sinica
Through the reaction between GCHV 873 (Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus) particles and random peptide library displayed on phage in vitro, after 3 rounds of affinity selection 16 phage clones from 300 clones have been got, which have high affinity with GCHV. Six of sixteen clones could inhibit the ..., Abstract
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Screening inhibitors of GCHV 873 (Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus)to inhibit its replication in CIK cells in vitro ,the biotinylated intact virion of GCHV was used to react on a random sequenced peptide library of 9 amino acids fused on protein Ⅲ of filamentous phage fUSE5 .After 3 rounds of affinity ..., Abstract
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By studying the flue structure of GCHV (Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus), It was found that the capsid of purified GCHV can be degraded spontaneously into its morphological units by prologing in a buffer of low ionic strength, but not very completely. The virus preparation was obtained from GCHV ..., Abstract
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The immunogenicity of the 11 polypeptides of GCHV873 were commnd by using neutralizationtest for the determination of the major protective antigen.The viral polypeptides labelled with FITCwere analyzed on a 10%polyacrylamide gel.The individual polypeptides were retrieved from the gelby electric ..., Abstract
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ll 11 segments of GCHV(grass.carp hemorrhage virus)873 dsRNA were isolated and individual-ly retrieved by SDS-PAGE and electric elution.Each viral genome segment in 90%DMSO denaturedby heating at 45℃ for l5 min were translated in the wheat germ tramlation system at 25℃ for 70min.The translation ..., Abstract
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t had been reported that the GCHV(Gtass Carp Hemorrhage Virus)is a new member.in Reoviri-dae and has 11 polypeptides by our laboratory,We did further experiments on the viral polypeptides.The virions(GCHV-875)were purified from the medium of infection culture cells by CsCl density gradient ..., Abstract
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The DNA fragment(F)on the Upetream Regulatory Region(URR)of HPV-18 DNA was amplified with PCR.Two control experiments here confirmed the PCR specificity.The coneentration ofMg in PCR buffer affected mostly the specificity of PCR,the higher the coneentration of Mg,thelower the ..., Abstract
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Studies on grass carp hemorrhage virus (GCHV) genome transcription in vivo have been carried out Viral mRNA labeled with α-~(32)p ATP was extracted from infected cells treated with actinomycin D and detected by means of liquid phase hybridization and Northern blot hybridization. The results showed ..., Abstract
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The genome of the bacularvirus PINPV was digested completely into sevenfragment (A、B、C、D_1、D_2、E、F) with Hind Ⅲ. These fragments were ligated in vitro with vector pUC18 seperately and used to transform host strainE. coli TG_1. Recombinant colonies were identified with sandwich ..., Abstract
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Eight common fishes were infected with grass carp hemorrhage virus (GCHV)that was from sick grass carp with hemorrhage symptom. ELISA detection showed that artificially infected black carp, silver carp and Hemiculter bleekeri blcckeri were positive, and then carp, variegated carp, triangular bream ..., Abstract
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The Grass Carp ( Ctenopharyngodon idellus) Hemorrhage Virus (GCHV) is able to cause slight haemagglutination of human type O blood cells. Serological tests showed that the GCHV is not antigeneally related to Reovirus and Rotavirus by cross reaction with ELISA,, Abstract
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The immunogenic comparison of three grass carp hemorrhage viruses, GCHV873, GCHV875 and GCHV876 derived from different areas has been carried out on the basis of the levels of the elicited serum antibodies in rabbits. The anti-GCHV873 antibody titre was 2 folds higher than GCHV875 and 8 folds than ..., Abstract
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A method using nonradioactive material—alkaline phosphatase to label HBV DNA as probe has been studied and used in clinical experiments to detect the HBV DNA in hepatitis patient s serum. Alkaline phosphatase coupled with PEI (polyethyleneimine) using P-benzoquine as cross-linking reagent. The ..., Abstract
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A method for plaquing Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus-873 has been studied. We tested inorganic(NaHCO_3) and organic(Tris, HEPES) buffer systems in open dish culture and found the combination of organic buffers with bicarbonate to be very promising for both cell growth and viral replication The CIK ..., Abstract
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The grass carps infected by the Fish Reovirus(FRV) were fed in constant temperature water, in which there are no notable differences of the death-rate(P>0.05)from 24℃ to 30℃. However, when the water temperature was cut down to 20℃ and gone up to 33℃the death-rate were marked reduction(P<0.01). ..., Abstract
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Some biological properties of Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus (GCHV)-873have been studied in this report. This virus could make grass carp kidney cells(CIK) to produce a unique cytopathic effect. At 28℃ its logarithmic growthphase occured 12 to 48 hr after infection. The virus titer reached ..., Abstract
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Hepatitis B virus(HBV) DNA purified from the cloned plasmid pHBV_1 and labelled by nick-translation with α-~(32)p dCTP was as probe, which can be hybridized specifically with HBV DNA. The minimum amount about 0.2pg of DNA has been detected by high specific activity probes. The range of the isotope ..., Abstract
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Heliothis armigera polyhedrosis virus DNA was cleaved into 11 fragments with BamH1 which were isolated by using agarose gel electrophoresis. The resulting fragments and BamH1 digestion products of PBR_(322) DNA were used to recombine in vitro and to transform E. coli strain LE_(392). Based on the ..., Abstract
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