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Author [Kou Zheng] article list of Virologica Sinica
A severe contagious disease broke out in several duckeries in Ningbo, Zhejiang province with the symptoms of diarrhea and grasping. The liver tissues from the dead ducks were collected and inoculated into the allantoic cavity of the 11-day-old embryos. Through purification by sucrose density ..., Abstract
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The genome of BFDV strain HBYM02 isolated from Hubei province was sequenced and analyzed. The sequence suggested BFDV isolated from different hosts belonged to one genotype. A phylogenetic tree based on the genomic nucleotide sequences of seven isolates was constructed. This tree showed two main ..., Abstract
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Hypervariable region of vp2 gene of six different IBDV (Infectious bursal disease virus) isolates, which were isolated from Jiangsu province, was amplified by RT-PCR and sequenced. Furthermore, sequences of six IBDV isolates were analyzed by ClustalX and Phylip3.5. It was suggested that three ..., Abstract
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A strain of avian influenza virus was isolated from lung tissue in 2004. It was determined to be a Avian influenza virus by ELISA and electron microscopy. HA and NA gene was amplified by RT-PCR and sequenced. By the analyses of HA and NA gene sequences, the isolate was an H5N1 subtype of avian ..., Abstract
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