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Author [LI Wei-Qi] article list of Virologica Sinica
The isolate 87-35 was isolated from tomato in Xinjiang.After inoculating to tomato inducing mot-tle,the virus particles were isometric,and about 25nm in diameters,The virus infected 18 speciesplant-Chenopodium quinoa,C.amaranticolor,broad bean and tomato etc.It was transmitted by aphid(Myzus ..., Abstract
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We isolated a strain of Vu NPV. The present study primarily detailed some changes during the virus infection in larval fat body cells, five days after infection, cytopathological alteration appeared,and the virus has distinguished special structure and process of replication At early stage of ..., Abstract
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The assembly processes of the Leucoma selicis NPV are observed by electron microscopy of sections of infected larval fat body cells. The synthesis and envelopment of the virus nucleocapsid and stages in the formation of the polyhedral inclusion bodies are described. Bundles of fibrous material were ..., Abstract
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