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Author [LIU Li] article list of Virologica Sinica
To develop an attenuated recombinant adenoviral vaccine against Hepatitis C virus infection , we construct the recombinant adenoviral vector expressing non-structural protein 3(NS3) antigen of HCV(RAd-NS3). The HCV NS3 gene enconding for 329-935aa was amplified from the plasmid pRC/NS3 by PCR and ..., Abstract
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Rice stripe virus(RSV)genome is composed of four ssRNA species. The 5'-and 3'-terminal sequences of about 20 bases of each ssRNA were almost completely complementary to each otherand the 5'-terminal sequences of all four ssRNA have the some sequence of 11 nucleotides.Thoseconserved sequences were ..., Abstract
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A rice virus-like disease broke out in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The infected rice plants became stunt with darking and hardening leaves. Along the veins of sheath, culm and underside of leaves, some waxy swelling could be found, white first, then black brown. When four insects (Laodelphax ..., Abstract
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Rice stripe disease caused severe damage in China. In the past studies, the emphases were limited in the biological identification, epidemics and control methods, so it is still argued whether the disease iscauaed by RSV or even by a virus. In the present study, a virus with filamentous (3nm wide) ..., Abstract
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