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Author [MA Wen-Yu] article list of Virologica Sinica
Preparation of infectious RNA by in vitro transcription from full length cDNA has led to advances in the study of many positive strand RNA viruses. There are two strategies of preparing full length cDNA of RNA viruses: (1)construction of infectious clone. (2)amplification of full length cDNA by ..., Abstract
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The expressing vector carring various truncated fragments of S gene of HTNV strain 76 118 was constructed and the vector efficienly expressed in E.coli . The result demonstrated that the GST NP fusion proteins exist in the form of inclusion bodies in E.coli , the expressing amount accounted for 29 ..., Abstract
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RNA of Hantaan virus (HNTV) strain Chen isolated from China was extracted from lysate of Vero E 6 cell infected by the virus. With the RNA as template, 1.3kb cDNA fragment containing the region encoding nucleocapsid protein (NP) was obtained by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT ..., Abstract
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probe(19 oligonucleotides)for JEV corresponding to the sequence from 11 to 29 nt of the 3 end of Japanese encephalitis virus genomic RNA was designed and syn thesized with ABI 381A DNAsynthesizer,The oligonucleotide probe was labeled with[α-(32)p]using the Klenow fragment.Thespecific radioactivity ..., Abstract
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After being infected with Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), the rhesus monkeys appeareda series of symptoms and signs, and finally died of exhaustion of respiration and circulation. Two days after the temperature rised upto 39℃, the. monoclonal antibodies (McAb) were injected for therapy. The ..., Abstract
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A rapid IgM antibody capture (RMAC) ELISA using enzyme labeled one ofthe species specific McAb 2H_4 as tracer was studied for the early diagnosis.The antibody thus obtained was confirmed specific, because it was destructableby 2-ME, could be blocked by JEV antigen, and had no cross reactivity with ..., Abstract
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A method has been developed to purify HFRS virus structural protein. HFRS virus was first purified roughly by protamine sulfate and polyethylene glycol precipitation from brain tissue of suckling mice infected with HFRS virus strain 76-118 or strain Chen, and the roughly purified virus was then ..., Abstract
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The anti-JEV McAb is tried out to treat the mice and goats which have infected by JEV,Tbc results show that the JEV-McAbs have an excellent curative effect to several JEV-infeeted mice.It is evidently better than that of the PeAb. After 120 hours of infection, most of the mice have already had the ..., Abstract
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A 30,000-dalton structural protein(VP30)on herpes simplex virus type-2 (HSV-2) -infected BHK cell membranes was purified with an immunoadsorbent column consisting of the HSV-2 type-specific monoclonal antibody(McAb) CH-A9 coupled to Sepharose 4B. The Evidence shows that the VP30 has some properties ..., Abstract
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In this paper, the factors involving HA and HI test were reported It was observed that the preparation of HFRSV-HAN and the conditions for HA test were strict. The HAN was preserved well at 4℃ and seemed tolerabe to heat to some degree. The optimal pH ranged from 5.7 to 6.1, and the goose ..., Abstract
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A hybridoma cell line(Mad-2) was produced by fusing mouse myloma cell line Sp2/O with the spleen cells immunized by HSV-1 SM44 strain infected BHK-21 cells and membrane protein antigen extracted from the HSV-1 infected ceils, the positive clone Mad-2 secreating monoclonal antibody(McAb) against ..., Abstract
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2-1 day old suckling mice were inoculated ic with 8 HFRSV strains (Chen, A_(216), A_9, H_(8205), C_4, R_(22), 76/118) respectively. The brain tissue of the mice was harvested immediately before death and prepared into HAN by sucrose-acetone method. The HA activity and HI reactivity were tested. It ..., Abstract
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