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Author [MAO Chun-Sheng] article list of Virologica Sinica
To explore the genetic variation of nonstmetural(NS)2 region and its gene structural characteristics
in hepatitis C vims quasispecies,NS2 genes ofHCV from a HCV as)~nptomatie~[Tier and apatien twith ab.
nomud ALT level t&teile amphfied by RT-nested-PCR respectively and cloned ..., Abstract
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The mutated gene of dsFv to HBsAg by PCR based point mutagenesis method was constructed and sequenced. The mutated genes of VH and VL were cloned into plasmid pET 20 b and sequenced with the dideoxynucleotid method. The results showed that the cysteines were introduced into position 44 aa of VH and ..., Abstract
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To investigate the function of LTR in vaccinia virus, 6 recombinant viruses were constructed by inserting intact or serially truncated LTR together with their downstream of gag ORF of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV 1) into the vaccinia virus genome. Indirect fluorescence assay, Western ..., Abstract
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