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This article has been retracted at the request of the Editor-in-Chief, as it contains large portions of text that have been duplicated from "Phylogenetic analysis of the non-structural (NS) gene of influenza A viruses isolated from mallards in Northern Europe in 2005" published in Virology Journal ..., Abstract
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More than 40 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have been approved for a number of disease indications with only one of these (Synagis)-for a viral disease, and not for therapy but for prevention. However, in the last decade novel potent mAbs have been discovered and characterized with potential as ..., Abstract
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We are reporting you an effective DNA vaccine for FMD virus, and it was prepared using mannosylated chitosan (MC) nanoparticles to form the FMDV-pVAC-VP1-OmpA complex particles. These particles were characterized for their physical properties like morphology, size and charge prior evaluating the ..., Abstract
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In the present study, the partial gene sequences of P32 protein, an immunogenic envelope protein of Capripoxviruses (CaPV), were analyzed to assess the genetic relationship among sheeppox and goatpox virus isolates, and restriction enzyme specific PCR-RFLP was developed to differentiate CaPV ..., Abstract
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Isolates of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) from deceased wild and domestic pigeons in Kazakhstan were obtained from the Almaty region during 2005 and were genotypically analyzed by using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with primers specific to the viral fusion (F) protein ..., Abstract
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Although the important role of the non-structural (NS1 and NEP) gene of influenza A in virulence of the virus is well established, our knowledge about the extent of variation in the NS gene pool of influenza A viruses in their natural reservoirs in Kazakhstan is incomplete. 17 influenza A viruses ..., Abstract
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In this study, thermo-adapted (Ta) PPR vaccines were assessed for their stability at 25, 37, 40, 42 and 45℃ in lyophilized form using two extrinsic stabilizers {lactalbumin hydrolysate-sucrose (LS) and stabilizer E} and in reconstituted form with the diluents (1 mol/L MgSO4 or 0.85% NaCl). The ..., Abstract
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In the present study, a total of 24 MAbs were produced against bluetongue virus (BTV) by polyethyleneglycol (PEG) mediated fusion method using sensitized lymphocytes and myeloma cells. All these clones were characterized for their reactivity to whole virus and recombinant BTV-VP7 protein, titres ..., Abstract
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A monoclonal antibody (MAb) specific for the bluetongue virus (BTV) group specific antigen (VP7) was characterized for its reactivity with purified virus and recombinant BTV VP7 (rVP7) protein and its suitability for use in the sandwich ELISA. The MAb, designated as 5B5 was specific to VP7 and ..., Abstract
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An estimated 130 million people worldwide are chronically infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) making it a leading cause of liver disease worldwide. Because the currently available therapy of pegylated interferon-alpha and ribavirin is only effective in a subset of patients, the development of new ..., Abstract
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An isolate of the Spodoptera frugiperda multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus comprises a stable proportion of deletion genotypes (e.g., SfNIC-C), that lack pif1 and pif2 rendering them noninfectious per os, and that survive by complementation with a complete genotype (SfNIC-B) in coinfected cells. To ..., Abstract
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The nucleotide sequences of full length RNAs of CMV-CA strain were determined and compared with those of CMV-Fny in subgroupⅠA, CMV-SD in subgroupⅠB and CMV-Q in subgroupⅡ, and Peanut stunt virus(PSV) ER strain in the same genus. CMV-CA RNA1 is 3356nt long,containing 1 ORF encoding 111kDa 1a ..., Abstract
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The glycoprotein gene of human rabies vaccine strain (aG), one attenuated fixed strain (CTN 181) and two street viruses were sequenced and the amino acid sequences were deduced. The result shows that two street strains have two differences in nucleotide sequences and one in amino acid sequences ..., Abstract
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