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Author [TAO Kun] article list of Virologica Sinica
The growth characteristics of Human herpesvirus 7 local strain YY5 were investigated in cord blood mononuclear cells (CBMCs) and CD4 + lymphoblastic cell line SUPT1. Virus growth was demonstrated by cytopathic effect (CPE), percentage of dead cells count, indirect immunofluorescence test with viral ..., Abstract
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The production of tumor necrosis factor alpha(TNF-a)induced by human herpesvims
7(HHV一7)G1asgow strain and Nanjing loca1 strain YY5 and HHV一6 GS strain in umbilica1 cord
and pheripheraI blood mononuclear cells cultures was studied by means of biologicaI activity assay.
It ..., Abstract
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here are high levels of TNF-α in the supernatants of lymphocyte culture infected with HHV-6 GS strain and the Nanjing loeal strains.TNF-α was detected by two methods:biological ac-tivity assay using L929 cells and ELISA.HHV-6 can induce TNF-α with in 24 h,maximal re-lease of TNF-α occurred ..., Abstract
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eripheral blood samples from patients with exanthem subitum and lymphoproliferative dis-orders were collected.Mononuclear cells were separated from patients blood and were cultured invitro.As a result,virus strains were isolated from the peripheral blood mononuclaear cells of sevenpatients with ..., Abstract
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Polymerase Chain Reactiun(PCR)was used to detect HPV 6,11,16,18 type specific DNA se-quences in 2l2 clinical cervical samples.The pusitivity uf HPV-DNA was 62.5%(25/40)in patientswith cervical cancer(squamous cell)and 57%(81/142)in chronic cervicitis,markedly higher than20%(6/30)in hedlthy ..., Abstract
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