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Syncytin, a captive retroviral envelope protein, is possibly involved in the morphogenesis of the placental syncytiotrophoblast layer generated by trophoblast cell fusion. It is found that syncytin and HIV-1 envelope proteins share similar structural profiles and membrane fusion mechanisms. In this ..., Abstract
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By using a computational program, Learn Coil-VMF, we determined the two conserved heptad repeat regions (HR1 and HR2) of FIV gp40 protein. The gene of gp40 subdomain including HR1 and HR2 was constructed with PCR method. The HR1 and HR2 were subsequently expressed and purified as a single chain ..., Abstract
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The results of computer analysis showed that,(1)47.8~66.7% seq homolo~ between CARNA5D (t-)RNA and PS『rVld(+)RNA;(2)48.1~63.4% sequeEtce homology be.tween CARNA5D(4-)RNA and PSTVd (一)RNA;(3)six dotplot between CARN^5D(+)RNA and PSTV_d(+)RNA;and(4)six base pairing regions between ..., Abstract
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