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Author [WANG Han-Zhong] article list of Virologica Sinica
In this study, the open reading frame of PPV vp2 was amplified by PCR, sequenced, cloned and expressed both in prokaryotic and insect cells. In E. coli, by using pET-32(a) expression vector, VP2 was expressed as a Trx-His-S Tag fusion protein with the size of 84 kDa and the protein was used to ..., Abstract
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Genes encoding nucleocapsid (N) and envelope (E) proteins of SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) were obtained by RT-PCR and were cloned into the expression vector pGEX-KG. The genes were expressed in E. coli and the recombinant proteins were in a soluble form. The proteins were purified by affinity ..., Abstract
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Epidemiological characteristics of Hepatitis B virus in population in Xianning of Hubei province were investigated by ELISA, conventional PCR detection as well as specific genotyping system by PCR. Blood specimens were detected by ELISA and conventional PCR, the results indicated that 177(11.1%) of ..., Abstract
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Mousepoxvirus has been isolated from diferent pathological tissues in deed mouse that
natively infected by virus.In negative stained preparations.the size of the virus particles Was l60~
19Ohm X250~ 300nm and the virus the particle revealed ovoid·shape.Tl1e healthy Blab/C mouse were ..., Abstract
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In order to investigate the genomic organization of the single-nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (SNPV) of Buzura suppressaria (BusuNPV), the BamHI-H fragment located at mapunits (mu)81. 6-83. 6 of the viral genome was sequenced. The fragment contained two partialand one complete open reading ..., Abstract
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This paper reported that proviral DNA of bovine leukaemia virus(BLV)was detected bynested PCR.External and internal primers were selected from gp51 gene in BLV genome,Theproducts of the nested PCR were identified by 2%a8arose 8el electrophoresis and were com-flrmed by hybridlzation with a ..., Abstract
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In this paper the characteristics of replication of RHDV in the RL and RK cells have been studied by using synchronous infective method. The cytopathology effect can be observed at 48—96 hrs after viruses infection. HA titer of viral increased 5—10 times as high as those HA titers of viruses ..., Abstract
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In present paper, some biophysical and biochemical characteristies of the nucleic acid in the original strain of the Rabbit Hemerrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)-A_2R-3(separeted from Wuxi, China. 1984) have been studied. By using Feulgen assay, Diphenylamine reaction test and nucleate digestion ..., Abstract
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The antigenic relationship between interferon prepared in porcine spleen cells (PS) and human interferon was investigated. The result showed that the PsIFN can be neutralized not only by anti-HuIFN-α sera but also by anti-HuIFN-γ, sera, the ability of neutralization of anti-HuIFN-α was higher ..., Abstract
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In this paper some properties of the original strain of the RHDV-A_3R-3 (separated from Wu Xi, China 1984) was reported. The purified virions was stained with 2% PTA and examined by electromicroscopic observation. The results revealed that the virus particles have nonenveloped capsidand exhibited ..., Abstract
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Immuno-double diffusion and ELISA were applied in studying serological comparision among seven different isolates of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV). In the present paper, it is demanstrated that there are same serological relationship among seven different isolates of RHDV, and there are ..., Abstract
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In this paper the morphology of NPV isolated from A.a.Stgr.is des- cribed and the map of A.a.NPV-DNA extracted in a simple method is obtained through restriction endonuclease digest such as EcoRI,BglⅠ, BglⅡ,BamHI,HindⅢ,and double digest BglⅠ+BglⅡ,BamHI+EcoRI.By using relationship between the ..., Abstract
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