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Author [WANG Jia-Fu] article list of Virologica Sinica
A couple of CSFV specific primer(PF 5648 and PR 6604)was designed with the aid
of computer primer designation software and synthesized based upon the relative conserved regions
of published sequenL-~s of C strain.NS2-3 gene(p125 gene)fragment of CSFV Shimen strain was
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Pseudorabies virus(PRV)was mumplicated on BHK-21 monolayer cells.After concentra-tion with centrifuge,viral DNA was isolated by SD-proteinase K digestion method.According to the sequences of protein kinase genes of PRV Ka and NIA-3 strains,the primers with 26 bpand 32 bp were designed.With pured ..., Abstract
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20 diarrheal samples from piglets of a pig farm were examined with PAGE, and 11 of them manifested the pararotavirus (group C) RNA electrophoretic profile. An acute watery diarrhea occurred after inoculating newborn colostrumdeprived piglets.Rotavirus (group A) ELISA and pararotavirus (group B) ..., Abstract
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